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Wet Look Is Elegant &Amp; Casual! This Is How You Style It


It is the absolute eye-catcher at the party, at the after-work dinner, or the summer party and can even be styled for everyday use. Because it combines casual elegance and coolness like no other hairstyle: the wet look. The highlight: The hair looks apparently wet, but of course there is a corresponding styling behind it. We'll show you the most beautiful wet look hairstyles and how you can style them very easily.

Wet Look Is Elegant & Casual! This Is How You Style It
The wet look exudes cool elegance and works on both short and long hair. We show how...

Wet hair look: what is it?

Wet-looking, shiny hair is decisive for the wet look. In addition, styling products such as wet gel and hairspray are generously distributed over the entire hair in order to mimic the “freshly showered” look.

The styling process is very different: Wet hair can serve as a starting point, but you can also work products into already dry hair. The following applies to both options: These are really very easy to implement.

Wet look hairstyles: These are our 3 favorite hairstyles

We will show you how different you can style the wet hair look and which products you need for it:

1. Glamorous sleek look with or without side parting

For this elegant wet look hairstyle, the hair is worn silky smooth. The so-called sleek look (or slick look) looks soaking wet (or as if fresh out of the pool) and is perfect for a glamorous party or evening event. Especially in combination with a floor-length dress, it looks great.

1. Glamorous sleek look with or without side parting | Wet Look Is Elegant & Casual! This Is How You Style It
Wet hair look: Glamorous sleek look with a deep side parting.

How to style the hairstyle?


2. Casual wet hair for everyday style

Styled a little more loosely, the wet look is also absolutely suitable for everyday use. For the casual style, choose a slightly coarser comb or simply tousle your hair loosely with your fingers. This makes the hairstyle look less strict and glamorous, which makes it the ideal everyday summer style. Wear the look to a summer party or after work with your colleagues. The hairstyle is ideal for this.

By the way: The style is absolutely uncomplicated and is suitable for all hair lengths and structures: straight hair looks elegant, thin hair gets structure and volume, short hair gives the trendy hairstyle an extra dose of coolness, curls get a casual touch. And: You can wear the look with loose hair or tied up in a messy braid.

2. Casual wet hair for everyday style | Wet Look Is Elegant & Casual! This Is How You Style It
Perfect for short hair: a fluffy wet hair look for everyday life.

How to style the look?

3. Retro Wet Look Hair: Bring back the 80ies

Not only do we play good music up and down our playlists in homage to the 80s, but we also like to cut ourselves off from the trend decade when it comes to styling. While we skillfully close our eyes to crepes and mullets, we like to look a second time at teased wet hair looks. Keyword: volume! Instead of straight to the head, with this look, we carry our lengths into heavenly spheres.

3. Retro Wet Look Hair: Bring back the 80ies | Wet Look Is Elegant & Casual! This Is How You Style It
Voluminous wet hair looks in the trendy 80s style.

How to style the look?

Wet hair look: Styling tips for every hair length and type

Styling ideas for long hair

Open, half-up, or tied back: you can style long hair in a particular variable way in the wet look. You can keep the entire head wet and shiny. However, looks that are only partially processed with hair gel, hair wax, or gel wax are particularly popular. With the sleek ponytail, for example, you only use wax or gel on the main hair, the rest you tie together at the nape of the neck into a ponytail. This also prevents the product worked into the lengths from landing on the dress or blouse and leaving unsightly stains.

Tip: Combine hair gel and Co. with nourishing oils. This will avoid the hair looking too rigid or sticky.

Styling ideas for long hair | Wet Look Is Elegant & Casual! This Is How You Style It
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Tips for short hair

The wet look looks particularly elegant or casual on short hair. You can shape the individual strands of hair specifically with your hand or a comb so that you can easily create cool, relaxed, or elegantly glamorous styles. The product for the wet hair look can be spread over the entire head of short hair, where it will last all day.

Tips for curly hair

Curly hair in a wet look looks incredibly classy. Either fix the approach to the head with gel and let the lengths fall airily or vice versa. That means, just work in hair gel or structure spray with a wet effect in the lengths, this ensures sleek beach waves or defined curls. Fix with a special shine spray and the curly wet look is ready!

Haircare instead of wet look gel: this is how you style and care for your mane in one

Wet look hair sounds like a lot of hair products that can dry out the hair. So why not kill two birds with one stone? Hair treatments and hair oils not only make brittle hair beautifully sleek but also provide moisture and provide intensive care. For the wet hair look in the beach resort, instead of hair gel or wax, you can simply massage a hair treatment into the scalp and lengths or mix it with your favorite styling products.

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