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Hairstyle Trends For 2021 At A Glance


The corona pandemic has spawned many new trends in fashion and beauty. From then on, hairstyles had to be crisis-proof. Means: Haircuts should be as simple as possible and make regular trimming unnecessary.

Hairstyle trends for 2021 at a glance

Hairstyle trends for 2021 are still crisis-proof. In other words: as simple and as natural as possible.

This trend will also be with us in 2021 - because the end of the pandemic is not yet in sight. The hairstyle trends for 2021 are all about naturalness.

These are the top 3 hairstyle trends for 2021

1. Long hair with gentle layers

Long hair with gentle layers | Hairstyle trends for 2021 at a glance

Long hair will definitely remain a trend in 2021. With them, it is not at all noticeable if you just haven't been to the hairdressers for a few months. So that you don't lose momentum over time, a gentle (!) Step cut is recommended. In contrast to the usual 0815 step cut, "Invisible Layers" are adapted to the respective hair structure, which gives a very natural and fluffy effect. This also applies to straight and curly hair.

Long hair with gentle layers | Hairstyle trends for 2021 at a glance

2. Blunt Bob

2. Blunt Bob | Hairstyle trends for 2021 at a glance

The accurately cut bob is hairstyle trend number 2. In the short version, it looks very edgy and cool. Its advantage: the blunt cut can easily grow out - because the look also looks great in the longer collarbone variant. The Americans have even found an extra name for the medium cut: Elongated Bob.

3. Bangs hairstyles

3. Bangs hairstyles | Hairstyle trends for 2021 at a glance

Long or short hair, curls, or straight strands - you won't go wrong with a pony hairstyle in 2021. Just make sure that the forehead fringes are cut casually and tiered. Keyword: Grown-out Fringe. So it doesn't matter at all if the pony grows out over time.

If you go to the hairdresser less often, you shouldn't neglect your hair care at home.

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