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Lose Weight With The Egg Diet: 2 Recipes For More Variety


The egg diet is pretty good for anyone who doesn't like cooking. Because eggs are the main food - five a day - you don't have to spend a long time preparing them. Even if the meal plan quickly becomes boring, the results are spurring: Margarete Thatcherism, the first British Prime Minister, lost many pounds with the egg diet in 1979. Here are three recipes for less bias during the egg diet.

Lose Weight With The Egg Diet: 2 Recipes For More Variety

What is the Egg Diet?

The egg diet is basically nothing more than an extremely low-carb diet. Accordingly, only protein and vitamin sources are on the diet plan, carbohydrates are completely avoided. On the diet, you eat five eggs a day, that's 35 eggs a week. So that the egg stays tasty, it can be prepared in a variety of ways: soft or hard-boiled, fried, baked, or poached. Fish and white meat as well as raw or steamed vegetables are ideal as a side dish. One or two pieces of fruit are allowed per day.

2 recipes for more variety during the egg diet

1. Egg with grapefruit as a vitamin C booster

In contrast to the classic egg diet, the healthy alternative deliberately combines fruits with eggs - especially grapefruits. Half a grapefruit is eaten with every meal. The high concentration of vitamin C gets the metabolism going and pushes the cells with valuable antioxidants; In addition, grapefruits contain the indigestible fiber pectin, which swells in the stomach and ensures a longer-lasting feeling of satiety. Because of the grapefruit, digestion is stimulated and fat is burned faster.

1. Egg with grapefruit as a vitamin C booster | Lose Weight With The Egg Diet: 2 Recipes For More Variety


2. Detox: Egg with green superfoods

With this recipe, the egg diet is combined with a detox cure: Serve the egg with green vegetables. Spinach, asparagus, kale, avocado, or broccoli are particularly suitable - also served together like a bowl. The green superfood has a detoxifying effect and cleanses the skin. Also works as a freshly squeezed smoothie for breakfast eggs.

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