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Butterfly Haircut, The Faux Square Without Cutting Its Lengths


You've grown your beautiful mane all summer and now that the fall is here with its short hairstyles trends (Italian bob, lob...), you are thinking of cutting them, but are afraid to regret it? Don't panic, we have the perfect solution to juggling short and long in just one cut!

Butterfly Haircut, The Faux Square Without Cutting Its Lengths

Cut your hair without touching its length? This is the eternal dilemma! For all those who are still undecided and change their hair and outfits, dreaming of a short haircut, then XXL hair, the butterfly haircut is the perfect compromise! No wonder he's been super trendy in recent weeks.

What is the butterfly haircut?

A long layered cut that gives the illusion of a bob, to change your look without being too radical and being able to keep your pretty lengths. This poetic name, straight out of a fairy tale, was invented by Sunnie Brook, the famous hairstylist of stars who have styled Bella Hadid, Ariana Grande, Olivia Rodrigo, and Margot Robbie. A very degraded haircut that is reminiscent of the cut of Eva Longoria aka Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewife, at the height of the series in the 2000s.

What is the butterfly haircut? | Butterfly Haircut, The Faux Square Without Cutting Its Lengths

The principle of this haircut, which has become the new trend for fall/winter, is to degrade the hair by cutting the front and top strands of the head to about 5 centimeters below the chin while leaving the lengths of the strands of the back of the head to create the perfect illusion. There is only one restriction for the butterfly haircut: it is intended for long hair that extends far beyond the shoulders.

The advantages and disadvantages of the butterfly haircut

To make its small effect, this new trendy cut is worn with loose hair. However, it does not prevent you from tying your lengths (in the form of a ponytail, bun, braids...) without worrying about too short locks that will spoil your efforts and ruin your hairstyle.

On the other hand, remember that the butterfly haircut is more suitable for naturally straight hair than curly hair. This trendy fall/winter cut will also be quite maintenance-friendly. You will often have to go back to your hairdresser to keep the shortest locks on top. It will also be necessary to think about nourishing the freshly cut ends well to maintain an aspect of healthy strands.

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