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Anti-Aging: This Powerful Anti-Wrinkle Ingredient Grows Hair And Makes It Shiny And Healthy


What if we had found the miracle ingredient to grow hair? Known to fight the signs of aging, retinol is believed to have beneficial effects on hair and scalp health when included in hair care. Some dermatologists predict a promising future for it.

Anti-aging: This powerful anti-wrinkle ingredient grows hair and makes it shiny and healthy

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Often the hair routine draws its inspiration from facials. So we apply a mask to nourish the hair, we make scrubs to rid the scalp of dead skin and some ingredients initially intended for the skin demonstrate their benefits when applied to the hair. After hyaluronic acid which hydrates the hair, make way for retinol which makes hair grow! This vitamin A derivative, which promotes cell renewal and helps stimulate collagen production, would be a fabulous ally to sublimate the hair fiber and do good to the scalp. In any case, this is what an article by Coveteur spotted by our editorial staff puts forward. The magazine advances the results of studies that tend to prove that the active tretinoid (a form of vitamin A) associated with minoxidil (a molecule used in treatments against hair loss), "improves the condition of the scalp. significantly and promotes hair growth ”. This duo offers such promising feats that it could be a potential treatment for alopecia, although more research needs to be done.

What does retinol do when included in a hair routine? The active is able to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicle. At stake? A hair follicle nourished with the right nutrients it needs to promote hair growth. In addition, "The use of a mild form of retinol will help to regulate sebum production and eliminate excess sebum in the hair" explains an expert to the magazine who adds that "by eliminating residue it allows an optimal absorption of other hair care products ”. When you know that healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp, you understand the value of the ingredient all the more.

Some specificities of retinol

However, some experts interviewed caution that the use of retinol on hair is still in the experimental phase. Because the active ingredient is known to promote cell renewal, it could end up creating dandruff, irritation, itching. The type of retinol used as well as the amount applied is crucial. It is advisable to bet on products specifically intended for the hair. Finally, retinol is particularly photosensitizing. Its application, therefore, does not mix well with the sun.

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