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This Awesome Trick Boosts Hair Volume In Seconds And Instantly Densifies Hair


This special powder is magic! It makes it possible to densify the slightest sparse hair. Enough to display a sublime volume in a few seconds.

A few days ago, Ashley Graham caused a sensation by revealing the impressive hair loss suffered as a result of her pregnancy. If the phenomenon encountered results from postpartum alopecia, women and men have to deal with fine hair, devoid of volume. It can be a hormonal response or it can be related to natural characteristics. This lack of density makes visible the skin of the scalp which is sparse. There is a quick fix to counter this as evidenced by these videos we spotted on TikTok. Finished with fine hair! It is possible to make them thicker in seconds. The secret? Densify the hair with a special powder that fills in the spaces. The applied product is deposited very lightly to play on the nuances and provide a trompe-l'oeil effect.

This awesome trick boosts hair volume in seconds and instantly densifies hair
Instagram: @romeestrijd

Equipped with a sort of notched stencil that delimits the area, the beautystas sprays a little powder at the roots. She follows the position of the line that separates her hair then distributes the product by melting it into the hair mass using the stencil which also acts like a comb. The epidermis is thus camouflaged, the hair gains in volume, size, and structure. The bulking effect is instantaneous while remaining natural. This temporary solution has a visual impact and can be adopted before considering long-term solutions. If this tip creates a buzz on TikTok, collecting no less than 13 million views for the first video, it is well known to studio hairdressers who adore this product to camouflage sparse areas before a shoot.

Keratin powder

To create this sublime volume, the beautystas relies on a powder from the Toppik brand. Its application is facilitated using a kit consisting of a pump and a front-line delimiter. The pump is placed on the bottle containing the powder chosen in line with the color of our hair. The brand specifies about these fine particles that they are made "from colored keratin proteins, they blend perfectly with the hair mass to give it maximum volume by filling in areas where the hair is thinner. And to point out that they work even on the thinnest hair. The product is long-lasting. It is weather-resistant and can be washed off with a simple washing of the hair.






Keratin powder | This awesome trick boosts hair volume in seconds and instantly densifies hair
Toppik Fiber - 12g

Keratin powder | This awesome trick boosts hair volume in seconds and instantly densifies hair
Toppik Hair Perfecting Kit Duo

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