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Heatless Curls: This Is How The Trendy Curling Ribbon Works


Beautiful curls without heat? Instagram girls are now fighting for this curling ribbon.

Heatless Curls: This is how the trendy curling ribbon works

This is how the trendy heatless waves are made - Photo: Instagram: @lillyvanbrooklyn

Heatless Curls: New Instagram Trend

Ladies, a new Instagram trend was born. Heatless waves, curls that are styled completely without heat, are now the big hairstyle trend on Instagram. If we scroll through our Discover feed, it only takes a few minutes for us to see one of these videos. On it, you can see Instagram beauties with strangely twisted hair, which can be transformed into dream curls in just a few simple steps. Unbelievably pretty! How do the beauties get their pretty soft waves almost overnight? With a so-called curling ribbon.

Heatless Curls: New Instagram Trend | Heatless Curls: This is how the trendy curling ribbon works
Instagram: @lillyvanbrooklyn

Heatless curls with the Curling Ribbon

Behind the miracle, the tool is a lined silk ribbon. With the help of clips and scrunchies, the hair is wrapped around the band and the waves are created overnight. Depending on the length of your hair, you will need a shorter or longer curling ribbon for the Heatless Waves.

So it works:

The instruction

  1. Wash your hair as usual and towel dry it. Comb and part your part as usual.
  2. Fasten the curling ribbon on your head with a claw clip so that the two ends hang down on the sides of your head.
  3. Now you start to wrap the curling ribbon strand by strand from top to bottom and from outside to inside. Add more and more strands on your way down until you have completely wrapped one side around the tool.
  4. Secure the braid with a soft scrunchie.
  5. Now the second page follows.
  6. Let your hair dry - this works best overnight.
  7. Open the braids, peel the curling ribbon from your hair and loosen the strands with your fingers.
  8. Your curls are done without heat!

Heatless curls with the Curling Ribbon | Heatless Curls: This is how the trendy curling ribbon works
Instagram: @heatlesshair

You need these tools

So simple and beautiful, aren't we right? All those who want to spare themselves the time-consuming hairstyling with the wave iron or curling iron or who have particularly damaged hair can switch to the curling ribbon. The original from Heatless Hair is currently sold out - no wonder! But you can find great alternatives on Amazon. With elastic hairbands that go around the head, it works too. Try it now!

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