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Hermès-Scrunchie Is The Silk Scarf For The New Generation


The Hermès silk scarf remains the perfect investment piece. But the fashion house's new scrunchie is particularly popular with Gen Z influencers.

Hermès-Scrunchie is the silk scarf for the new generation

Hermès silk scarf - this scrunchie is the update for the new generation.

Sales of vintage Hermès scarves hit a new high during the pandemic as fashion fans sought investment accessories that would enhance their zoom look. Now the brand's signature silk scarves have made it to the wrists of Gen Z influencers, who have found a youthful way to implement screen chic the Hermès way.

The 23-year-old Thai pop idol Lisa from Blackpink has almost 50 million Instagram followers - thanks to her extravagant K-pop style. The Celine ambassador and member of the Bvlgari family has a keen sense for designer brands and an accessory collection that rivals that of a modern-day Carrie Bradshaw. A Hermès hair tie was found between her Bvlgari Serpenti and B-Zero bangles in a recent Instagram post - a scrunchie between platinum and gold and a welcome splash of color in her otherwise monochrome outfit.

Hermès-Scrunchie is the silk scarf for the new generation

© Instagram @lalalalisa_m

Hermès scrunchies are the perfect splash of color for any outfit

The maxi hair tie "Claudia" shows three of the eye-catching prints of the French house, framed by Hermès orange-colored piping. No two hair ties are alike, as the patterned squares are randomly cut to match "the chosen color ambiance" of the accessory. Hermès recommends wearing the 185 euro hair tie around the wrist, but also to secure braids, ponytails, and buns.

The hair tie is clever product development for a house in the upper ranks of the luxury fashion market. The lively scrunchies are only half as expensive as the classic Hermès silk scarf and skilfully translate the brand's bourgeois standards into an accessible, playful product. Scrunchies were also the big novelty on the Celine Spring / Summer 2021 catwalk, where the models wore them as upper arm jewelry. Think of the humble hair tie as the new entry-level product for the world's most sought-after brands. How will you wear yours?

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