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Beware: These Foods Can Favor Gray Hair - And We Probably All Eat At Least One Of Them


Despite its naturalness, gray hair is not always welcome for everyone. The first gray strands in particular are no reason to despair, but they are a decisive experience. Anyone who would like to put off gray hair for a while should above all take a look at their diet. Because just as we absorb important vitamins and minerals through our diet, certain foods can promote a deficiency and thus also the growth of gray hair.

We all eat these foods - and they can lead to gray hair!

We all eat these foods - and they can lead to gray hair! | Beware: These Foods Can Favor Gray Hair - And We Probably All Eat At Least One Of Them
If you want to delay gray hair, you should avoid four foods - because they can promote growth! (Marc Valvo, Spring/Summer 2015).

Please note: These 4 foods can favor gray hair

1. Industrial sugar

It is well known how unhealthy industrial sugar is. If you find it difficult to forego sweets, you may find it easier to jump out of the equation with regard to premature aging: Sugar not only promotes skin aging but also gray hair. Sugar inhibits the absorption of vitamins and other nutrients, which also have a direct impact on hair health. Vitamin E in particular is restricted in its function, which is particularly important for the hair. Incidentally, natural sweetness from fruit, dates, and honey does not have the same effect as industrial sugar.


2. Flavor enhancers

Those who eat a healthy and balanced diet are probably not consuming many flavor enhancers anyway. In order to delay gray hair, you should avoid flavor enhancers such as glutamate if possible. They not only affect the feeling of hunger and mess up the metabolism, but also have a negative effect on the aging process of the hair. It is therefore worthwhile in several ways to cook fresh instead of relying on ready-made products.

3. Animal protein

Proteins are an important part of a balanced diet. However, certain proteins are more difficult to digest than others. Those who also eat a lot of protein can quickly overwhelm the body. The ammonia produced during the digestion of proteins is converted into urea - and an excess of it also has a negative effect on hair health. Too much animal protein can therefore favor gray hair. Meat and fish consumption should therefore be limited and the protein requirement should be replenished with vegetable protein from, for example, legumes.

4. Artificial colors

Like flavor enhancers, artificial colors, preservatives, and other additives are also harmful to the structure of the hair. Similar to industrial sugar, they are harmful to hair health and can promote the growth of gray hair. Colored foods should therefore be removed from the menu. It is generally worth taking a look at the list of ingredients for packaged foods. If the list is too long or the words too complicated, you should avoid them anyway.

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