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New Therapies For Strong, Healthy Hair


Scarlett Johansson, just as an example, has played through pretty much every hair length and color and that's mostly cool. She looked like Grace Kelly in Best Blond Wave times or as the young Winona Ryder with a dark pixie. No matter what style you like, the main thing is always healthy, shiny hair. Everything is genetically determined... true, but only partially because you can do a lot for the splendor yourself.

New Therapies For Strong, Healthy Hair
The Bazaar columnist tried a lot and was happy after the PRP treatment...

Hair therapy for strong roots and healthy tips

The PRP method (platelet-rich plasma), also known as vampire therapy, is known as anti-aging therapy for the face. Now they are also available for hair. As well as LED light, fillers as a power food, and even botox (for tension-related hair loss). For me, PRP worked. In the first step, some blood is drawn and then separated into platelets and serum in a centrifuge. “The growth factors contained in the serum are increased many times over by this process. If you add vitamins and other stimulating ingredients to this cocktail, the hair and hair growth can be significantly strengthened, ”explains Dr. Stefan Duve from Munich, who offers individual hair therapies. With PRP or the meso method, it is not particularly pleasant when the nutrient solution is injected into the scalp with the finest needles, but I was very happy with the result after a few weeks. As always, the earlier the therapy is applied, the better. "PRP works very well, especially on fine, limp hair," says Dr. Duve. Three treatments within four weeks are necessary.

The analysis provides information about the right hair therapy

The most important thing at the end, although it belongs right at the beginning: a thorough diagnosis. Is hair loss solely genetic? Is there something wrong with the hormonal balance, is it stress-related or age-related? What does the scalp look like, like the hair follicles? Is it a diet or a vitamin deficiency? There is a new diagnostic procedure with the FotoFinder Trichoscale for a computer-aided hair analysis. There is no longer any need to pull hair out for this, only a few hairs need to be shortened for diagnosis. You don't need Rapunzel's ambition, but for beautiful hair, you can do a lot besides shampoo and good tools.

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