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French Bob: Trendy Cut That Is Making A Comeback!


More in vogue than ever, if this very short square called “à la française” has everything to make us fall in love, it has already attracted a good number of celebrities! So what makes this haircut different from others and how do you go about it? Discovery.

Absolutely timeless, the square is constantly reinventing itself. So much so that it is now available in many different versions. We like it long, mid-length, short, wild, demure, with or without bangs ... It's a fact: the bob is sported in a thousand and one ways, each more trendy and popular than the next.

Right now, if there is one that catches our eye, it's the French Bob! Bold and dynamic, this short bob - which can be worn on both fine and thick hair - is seen across the Atlantic as the Parisian hairstyle par excellence!

French Bob: Trendy cut that is making a comeback!
Instagram: @nancymae_

While this is not a great hairstyle revolution, it is clear that the French Bob is back on the scene, more than a century after being revealed. In fact, its origins date back to the 1920s, when this version of the bob was very popular and equated with the liberation of women. Since then, it has never ceased to dazzle us: we have seen it worn by Natalie Portman, Béatrice Dalle, Audrey Tautou… We also recently adored it on Úrsula Corberó, alias Tokyo in the series "La Casa del Papel", or on Kaia Gerber who made the bob her signature haircut.

French Bob: Trendy cut that is making a comeback!
Instagram: @ursulolita

With a length that stops well above the shoulders and slightly below the ears, the French Bob has the art of highlighting the face and features, enhancing the port of the head, and elegantly clearing the neck. Cut at the jaw and chin, it gives an unparalleled look and revives the tone of the hair which is then adorned with movements! That's good, because what characterizes the French Bob the best is really the messy, deceptively neglected hair effect. The straight aspect of the classic square must therefore be countered by a well-mastered picketing technique.

French Bob: Trendy cut that is making a comeback!
Instagram: @miamihair_chantel

If you have thin and/or straight hair and want to embrace it, the best advice we can give is to use a volumizing and texturizing spray in the roots, as in the lengths, after each wash. Conversely, if your hair is thick and/or curly: to avoid the dreaded helmet effect, we recommend that you instead use a treatment to define your curls and prevent your hair from swelling too much during the day.

Whatever the nature of your hair, know that a few lighter strands will give even more relief to your French Bob!

Even if, in the collective imagination, the French Bob wants to be embellished with short and thick bangs (retro inspiration obliges), know that you can also wear it without bangs if you prefer your open forehead. The perfect compromise: the curtain fringe, ultra-popular, and at the forefront of modernity at the moment.

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