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Léa Seydoux Swaps Her Bob For A Short Boyish Haircut… She Shines


Léa Seydoux caused a sensation at the premiere of James Bond, Mourir Can Wait This September 28. The actress stood out with an androgynous hair look. Her short boyish cut highlights her features more than ever.

Léa Seydoux Swaps Her Bob For A Short Boyish Haircut… She Shines

Léa Seydoux sublime at the premiere of James Bond, Mourir can wait this Tuesday, September 28. The actress, who plays Madeleine Swann, causes a sensation with a singular look. If in the film she stands out with a blond square, on the red carpet she causes a sensation with a totally revisited style. It sports a short boyish cut. Separated by a parting on the side, her hair is flattened and sublimated by a wet effect. Enough to produce densified golden reflections. Naturally blonde, her hair is boosted by a darker and slightly coppery coloring. Its shortcut thus unfolds in contrasts. Léa Seydoux is betting on a fatal, glamorous, and androgynous look. Last May she was already swapping her lengths for a shorter style. This hair, which is now his signature, is upgraded.

For this most chic evening, she is revealed with refined make-up: flawless complexion, cheekbones enhanced with a bronze blush, and the mouth dressed in a red veil.

Léa Seydoux in beauty

In an interview last January, Léa Seydoux opens up about her relationship with beauty and shares the few secrets relating to her routine. The actress starts off by pointing out, "I've never been fixated on my looks. Sometimes I love myself, sometimes I don't."

Sandrine Cano Bock, her make-up artist, confides about the beauty treatments she has been developing for her for eight years: "Léa is a chameleon actress, infinitely transformable, who is equally at ease with very strong looks. Much more nude. Besides, for a shoot or an event, I like to keep its natural light by using very little material."

Léa Seydoux follows a simplified ritual: "A cleansing morning and evening, often with a rotating brush, rinsing with water, a spray of mist, a good moisturizer. And that's it. A scrub and a mask when I 'think about it."

Léa Seydoux Swaps Her Bob For A Short Boyish Haircut… She Shines
Léa Seydoux displays a short boyish haircut.

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