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Hair Color Trends For 2022! Hair Experts Reveal...


Last year we saw many trends come and go - but what can we expect in 2022? We asked the hair experts for their opinion!

Hair Color Trends For 2022! Hair Experts Reveal...

According to hair experts, we can look forward to these trends in 2022!

From Billie Eilish's soft blonde to Gigi Hadid's auburn, 2021 saw an explosion of warm, offbeat hues as the world slowly opened up again. But what does next year bring us in terms of hair color? Will we see a return to slime green or peroxide blonde? Or will the year 2022 be more of a dark affair? Here the hair experts give their predictions for the hair color trends.

Matt Rez:

More warmth

"Warm colors are back in 2022. Whether you're blonde, brunette or redhead, incorporate warm tones into your look. Ask your stylist if they can use a 'midlight' in the highlighting technique. It makes you warmer and more intense shade that fluidly blends the base and the brightest highlights, allowing for a targeted, multidimensional and warmer result."

More warmth | Hair Color Trends For 2022! Hair Experts Reveal...
More warmth | Hair Color Trends For 2022! Hair Experts Reveal...
Instagram: @majormoonn

Daniel Mond

Be brave

"Sandy blondes like Sharon Tate's are big, as is electric coral because it looks great on any skin tone. It's like capturing the magic hours in hair color. And then there's Simi and Haze, the dynamic Los Angeles twin duo who do it best. Natural, yet fair. Dark blonde highlights facial features in a similar way to brunette hair, but is light enough not to completely alter the look."

Nicki Lee

Do you have high standards?

"Get ready for sophisticated shades in 2022! For the last two years, everyone has been very understated and simple and we're fed up with that! Say hello to double-dyed blonde (lighter roots with highlights) like Paris Hilton and dramatic, dark, fancy hair like Megan Fox's."

Do you have high standards? | Hair Color Trends For 2022! Hair Experts Reveal...
Instagram: @ritahazan

Rita Hazan

Stay of course

"My hair color prediction for 2022 is natural base colors with lots of vibrancy and bright highlights. Chocolate brown, toffee blonde, auburn."

Michael Canale


Personalization is required

"In early 2022, we will see a trend reversal away from balayage and overly bleached, two-tone looks that can be damaging to hair. Instead, the trend will focus on nourishing hair with natural, coordinated hair colors that... Support each person's unique skin tone. You can enhance and maintain these custom hair colors with the 'Color by Canalé' line of products, including the Signature Glosses, available in Midnight Blue, Cool Blue, and Sunkissed Gold to support your own skin tone."

Personalization is required | Hair Color Trends For 2022! Hair Experts Reveal...
Instagram: @colorbycanale

Louise Galvin

Try balayage

"Inspired by the catwalks of Chanel, Dior, and Celine, the trend towards sleek and simple hair is developing as a contrast to the strong colors and cuts of the fashion world. Youthful and fresh, the blonde tones are provided with nuances of honey, caramel, lemon, and marigold - like Cher Horowitz in 'Clueless'.

A strong Galvin classic since the 1970s is the childish summer-winter hair. The sun-kissed curls of summer are taken up, while the hair grows out in the winter months and the color nuances are distributed over the hair lengths. As summer rolls into fall and then winter, the darker part of the head contrasts with the lighter tips of the hair – a little balayage maintains the look and enhances the illusion.

This works for all hair colors - darker tones should have a subtle shimmer to soften the natural red tones and add extra shine. Blondes, on the other hand, can use a touch of color to keep their hair looking bright and fresh. When Spring arrives, a subtle shimmer of color can brighten eyes and accentuate skin tone, a bit like the famous 'golden hour' just before sunset. And when the summer sun is finally here, you can achieve the Cali Beach look again in a completely natural way."

Try balayage | Hair Color Trends For 2022! Hair Experts Reveal...
Try balayage | Hair Color Trends For 2022! Hair Experts Reveal...
Instagram: @joshwoodcolour

Josh Wood

Health is the key

"There is a great demand for healthy-looking hair right now and this will continue into next year. The hairstyles and colors are kept simpler and aim to show off healthy, strong, and vibrant hair. Bold colors that still look natural, seem to be trending right now. Auburn, Irish red, and Scandinavian blonde where the focus is on shine and health. I tend to use more gloss which gives the hair more color overall and helps with its shine and health."

Health is the key | Hair Color Trends For 2022! Hair Experts Reveal...
Instagram: @amandaleehair

Amanda Lee

Coppery reds

"Hair trends stay within the natural color palette, rich browns with soft caramel highlights. Subtle balayage is still very popular. I'm also getting more and more requests for natural, coppery reds and mahogany tones!"

Coppery reds | Hair Color Trends For 2022! Hair Experts Reveal...
Instagram: @bleachlondon

Alexandra Brownsell

Color accents

"Also very popular for the New Year are pops of color in hair with thick highlights, balayage, and bleaching rather than a uniform tone or bleaching at the roots. People are opting for more vibrant, warm colors in this type of color placement, such as I Saw Red and Tangerine Dream Bold pops of color with neon and acid tones will be big in 2022. Our stylists create shades that shine through with hair movement, such as bleach that frames the face or dip-dye Uses Our semi-permanent shades Slimelight, Twisted Lemon and Curious Orange are my favorites for an electric or bold color."

Larissa Love

Build Layering

"Next year will be about warm tones and intense shades. Like pumpkin copper, vanilla blonde, and rich browns like a chocolate cherry tone. There will be fewer contrasting colors and more muted, light tones with highlights. Other people are more concerned with their natural".

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