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Trend For Hair: This Is How You Create Beach Waves Of Heidi Klum


Wendy Iles is the woman behind the dream hairs of some Hollywood stars, including model and entrepreneur Heidi Klum. While many hairstylists keep their tips and tricks to themselves, Iles shares her experiences on her blog It's All About Hair. So if you've always wondered how Heidi Klum's naturally voluminous waves work, you've come to the right place.

How to conjure up sweet beach waves as Heidi Klum in your hair?

How to conjure up sweet beach waves as Heidi Klum in your hair? | Trend For Hair: This Is How You Create Beach Waves Of Heidi Klum
Are you wondering how you can achieve the relaxed beach waves of Heidi Klum? We reveal step by step how the hair trend works...

Hair like Heidi: Celebrity hairdresser Wendy Iles reveals how to create perfect beach waves

The challenge at Beach Waves? The look should appear natural and informal, as if you had spent the day at the sea - and not hours in the bathroom. According to Wendy Iles, the right styling tools and products are essential for the desired result. In addition to a curling iron, this includes the Iles Formula Curl Revive Serum and a wide-toothed comb. The hairstylist also uses a special technique at Heidi Klum to create a messy undone look.

How the Beach Waves of Heidi Klum succeed step by step?

  1. Spread the Iles Formula Curl Revive Spray generously into your towel-dried hair and massage it in gently. You can then blow-dry the hair above your head to create extra volume.
  2. Divide the hair into four sections and work your way up from the bottom. Start a few inches away from your scalp by wrapping the strand of hair around the curling iron - preferably away from your face. Hold it there for three seconds before sliding the curling iron down a few inches and repeat the process. This creates gaps between the waves that reinforce the undone look.
  3. Make sure to leave three to four inches away from the tip of your hair - however, it shouldn't stay completely straight, either. For a natural result, you can run the curling iron over it briefly. Let your hair cool off briefly when you're done.
  4. Now you can run a coarse comb through the curls to loosen them up a bit.
  5. Apply Iles Formula Finishing Serum to separate the waves. Carefully run your fingers through the individual strands and let the serum dry. It conjures up a great structure and protects the hair from environmental influences all day. Et voilà, the Heidi Klum Beach Waves are ready.

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