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Why All Mega-Stars Are Crazy About The Tob?


The tob is the hottest trend hairstyle for medium-length hair since the bob has existed. Cut, Styling & Care: We'll show you everything you need to know about the season's haircut.

Why All Mega-Stars are Crazy About The Tob?
Super voluminous! The Tob suits Miranda Kerr MEGA, doesn't it?

Girls, forget the boring bob! We'll be wearing our medium-length hair as Tob from now on. Stars like Miranda Kerr, Emma Roberts, Hailey Baldwin, Nina Dobrev, or Janina Uhse show how to wear the spring favorite. What is behind our new favorite hairstyle (since the bob was around)? Here we reveal it...

What is a tob?

The name "Tob" is a newly created word and combines the words "Bob" and "Tolle" - so it is a bob with a voluminous Tolle. Tob is one of the bob hairstyles and is worn chin- or shoulder-length. The "Tolle" is created by the cut and the styling.

How is a tob cut?

In terms of cut, the Tob differs from the Long Bob mainly in its fringed layers - they give the hairstyle that WOW volume. What is the look like? Here are two insanely beautiful examples from model Hailey Bieber and actress Emma Roberts:

The tob to Hailey Bieber

The tob to Hailey Bieber | Why All Mega-Stars are Crazy About The Tob?
Hailey Bieber with the trendy hairstyle.

Actress Emma Roberts with the tob

Actress Emma Roberts with the tob | Why All Mega-Stars are Crazy About The Tob?
Emma Roberts with the Tob.


How is the tob styled?

Usually, the Tob does not have to be styled big, because it should be worn in the undone look. With straight hair, you have to help a little and lay the hair in gentle waves. With a curling iron or straightening iron, experienced hands can do this in a few minutes. But if you are less skilled, you can also help with texture spray. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, you only have to provide more hold and volume at the hairline with a little dry shampoo or hairspray. If the hair is voluminous and wavy, the bangs are only casually "side swept", that is, placed at the side parting, roughly kneaded a few times with your hands - and the trend hairstyle is ready!

Who can wear the tob?

The Tob is particularly suitable for women with thin hair who want more volume. A chin-length, the hair doesn't hang out so easily and the layered cut brings a lot of fullness into the hair. Women with a round face should wear the tob at shoulder length, this visually reduces the shape of the face. Women with narrow face shapes are welcome to try the short version - it looks super modern and edgy, like here at influencer Xenia Adonts.

Influencer Xenia Adonts with the hairstyle trend Tob

Influencer Xenia Adonts with the hairstyle trend Tob | Why All Mega-Stars are Crazy About The Tob?
Xenia Adonts with the Tob.

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