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5 Hair Problems - Solved By Professional Hairdressers


No volume, split ends, limp strands: you won't have to worry about that in the future. Because we asked top hairdressers for solutions. Here are the answers:

5 common hair problems solved by professional hairdressers

5 common hair problems solved by professional hairdressers | 5 hair problems - solved by professional hairdressers

Frizz, greasy roots, baby hair? Stop it! With these professional tips, you can get rid of such problems for good.

1. No volume in the hair

"Brush your hair regularly with a detox brush, this is a model with wild boar bristles. This trains the straightening muscle, which is known from goosebumps," says Angelika Wöll. "And it's the same as with all muscles: the more training, the stronger it becomes. In addition, brushing intensifies blood circulation in the scalp, provides better care for the hair, and gives it more vitality and swing." Another tip from Patrice Hess: "Then blow-dry the hair overhead. This quickly gives maximum volume. Then loosen the hair with your fingers."

2. Frizz over and over again

In short, frizz is the wild frizz or uncontrollable protrusion of the hair. Kerry Warn's avoidance tip: "Let your hair air-dry as often as possible, because blow-drying, especially if it is too hot, is a real guarantee of frizz because it causes the hair to lose moisture too quickly." Armin Morbach says: "The reason for the frizz effect is often a roughened surface of the hair. A nourishing shampoo that provides a lot of moisture, such as 'Schauma Nature Moments', can help here."


3. "Always greasy on top" feeling

"Special scalp waters can counteract this problem. With their ingredients they regulate the sebum production of the scalp", says Gerhard Traub. "It is best to postpone shampooing in the morning, as the sebum glands that cause oily hair are most active at night," says Armin Morbach. "Hair that greases quickly should only be washed with lukewarm water, if possible because hot water stimulates the production of sebum. Dry shampoos that you spray into the roots and rub in with your fingers offer quick help," says the Schwarzkopf expert.

4. Disturb the baby hair

Renewable fine, short hairs that stick out around the forehead and on the sides can be quite annoying. But there are solutions: "Spray some hairspray on a cosmetic tissue and stroke the hair," advises Cristoph Gambeck. "It also works great to put some hairspray on an eyebrow brush and use it to comb over the baby's hair," says Kerry Warn. "Hand cream or the classic Nivea cream can also help," says Manfred Kraft. "Simply put some cream on your fingertips, rub it in and then run your fingertips over the hairs at the base."

5. Nerves on the head

Vertebrae are often located on the top of the head or in the neck area. "The right cut is crucial here. If you have pronounced eddies, you shouldn't have your hair cut too short, otherwise, the hair will fall apart easily," explains Jörg Oppermann. "From a certain length of hair, it helps a little to work the vertebrae in the opposite direction with a natural hairbrush." Patrice Hess adds: "If the vortex is stubborn, especially in the morning, you can briefly wet the hair at this point, apply spray setting and then blow-dry it with a round brush. The heat can tame the vortex quickly."

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