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Twisted Pigtails: Back To School Hairstyle Not To Be Skipped This Season!


Whether or not you've already experienced its rise in the 90s, now you can no longer miss out on twisted pigtails, that ultra-trendy back-to-school hairstyle, halfway between the quilt and the twist.

Twisted Pigtails: Back To School Hairstyle Not To Be Skipped This Season!
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Kelly, Brenda, Donna, Valérie… Do you have the ref? So much the better because with the twisted pigtails, you are projected straight into the '90s and high school hallways where the gossip about your latest crush is rife and the issues with your hairstyle or latest jeans are of CAPITAL importance!

This will not surprise anyone, it is to TikTok that we owe this dazzling return to the past and with it a craze for this hairstyle which was a huge success in the 90s (a bit like butterfly clips, hair mascaras colored, the XXL brushing, or bombshell, the palm trees high placed and the locks framing the face with a ponytail or a bun). One of the most popular videos of the moment on the subject - that of the tiktoker wendypearlorr - has been viewed no less than 51.7 million times today. As for that of erinduganjurchak which is inspired by it, it already peaks at 7.8 million views.

Twisted Pigtails: Back To School Hairstyle Not To Be Skipped This Season!



Halfway between quilts and twists, this hairstyle consists of clearing the face by making thin strands on the front. These are fixed with fine elastic bands over ten centimeters, then the lengths remain free whether worn, depending on the mood of the moment, perfectly brushed, or on the contrary worked with a curling iron to give them a little spring. A look that is reminiscent of the romantic singers in vogue of the 90s, like Britney Spears, Emma Bunton, Larusso, Leslie ...

How to easily make the twisted pigtails?

Rest assured, once you have got the hang of it, the operation is not very complicated and requires little equipment.

You need:


  1. Part your hair in half by drawing a parting down the middle with the comb.
  2. Take a thin section of hair near the parting and secure it with a rubber band. Do the same on the other side of the stingray.
  3. Twist the two wicks obtained on themselves.
  4. Cross the strands between them to make a cross on the top of the head, then fix the strands again with elastics, catching another strand of hair in the process to obtain a thicker strand.
  5. Crep the two small quilts very lightly to give them a little volume. To do this, gently pull the hair from the center of the quilt towards the elastic using the comb.

How to easily make the twisted pigtails? | Twisted Pigtails: Back To School Hairstyle Not To Be Skipped This Season!



Who are the twist pigtails for?

You will understand, to be aesthetic, twisted pigtails, like classic pigtails elsewhere, need a certain length. Also, if your hair does not reach at least your shoulders, you may be disappointed with the result. On the contrary, the longer your hair, the more satisfied you should be with the result. It's your turn!

If your hair length allows it, keep in mind that this style is more casual. Go for a day of classes, a shopping spree, a lunch with friends, or with the loved one. On the other hand, it will work a little less if you occupy a somewhat staid office or representation position, to be sure.

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