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Finding A Shade Of Blonde - Which Nuance Suits Me?


How do I find the right shade of blonde? 5 nuances in check...

Basically, blonde suits every woman, but some nuances flatter some more than others. We explain how to find the ideal shade of blonde for you.

Finding A Shade of Blonde - Which Nuance Suits Me?
Do you prefer a warm or cool blonde tone? We explain who flatters which shade.

How harmonious a blonde tone looks on its wearer depends on a number of factors, including the undertone of the skin. There is a simple trick to find out whether you have a cool or a warm skin type: if the veins on your wrist look bluish or violet, cool blonde tones suit you better. If these look green, warm blonde nuances are the more harmonious choice.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde | Finding A Shade of Blonde - Which Nuance Suits Me?
Actress Lucy Boynton relies on the platinum style in combination with a short bob.

Platinum blonde describes an extremely light, violet-tinged nuance, which is also often referred to as white blonde. The cool blonde tone harmonizes best with skin types that are also cool and pale. If you have a warmer skin undertone, choose similarly light nuances with a warm undertone, such as champagne blonde.

Also quite popular is the balayage look with dark blonde roots and platinum blonde ends, which in turn suits every skin type and also does not attack the hair as much as the complete platinum bleaching.

Honey or golden blonde

Honey or golden blonde | Finding A Shade of Blonde - Which Nuance Suits Me?
Blake Lively likes to vary her blonde tones but always stays true to the warm nuances.

If you have a rather warm, tanned complexion, nuances such as golden and honey blonde are perfect for you. The warm blonde tones give a fresh look and are also extremely popular this spring! But watch out: Golden blond tones quickly drift into yellow tinges. To counteract this, you should occasionally wash your hair with silver shampoo.

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde | Finding A Shade of Blonde - Which Nuance Suits Me?
Blonde hair with a slight red tinge is part of Nicole Kidman's signature look.

Strawberry blonde is a shade of blonde somewhere between golden blonde and copper - in any case, a warm shade. It suits women with a pale or peachy complexion as well as those with sun-kissed skin. However, if you are prone to redness, strawberry blonde is not necessarily the best choice for you.


Dark or ash blonde

Dark or ash blonde | Finding A Shade of Blonde - Which Nuance Suits Me?
Gigi Hadid has made dark blonde hair cool again.

Dark blond has developed from the unloved "stray blond" into a trend nuance. Last but not least, supermodel Gigi Hadid is to blame for this, as she repeatedly relies on the natural tone. The cool, dark blonde tone suits women with a cool, olive-tinged complexion best.

Caramel Blonde

Caramel Blonde | Finding A Shade of Blonde - Which Nuance Suits Me?
Jennifer Lopez wears her hair in a warm, dark shade of blonde.

Caramel blonde is basically the warmer version of dark blonde and suits everyone with a warm skin undertone. Here, too, the balayage style with strawberry or honey blonde highlights is extremely popular.

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