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Billie Eilish To Zendaya: They All Wear Hair-Flip


From Billie Eilish to Zendaya: they all wear "Hair-Flip" - the hairstyle trend 2022...

For this comeback, we have to go a little further back in time: Upturned tips - also known as "hair flips" - are the hottest hairstyle trend of the season in spring 2022. Some love the styling, others hate it - strangely enough, there is hardly anything in between. But one thing cannot be denied: the hair trend has unmistakably self-confident energy and immediately creates a good mood and positive vibes. Thanks to the fresh trend hairstyle with a smooth finish, spring can come! We explain how to style the look!

Billie Eilish to Zendaya: They All Wear Hair-Flip
Somewhere between cute, glamorous, and sensual: Billi Eilish wears the hair trend of spring - the hair flip...

Billie Eilish and Zendaya: The trend hairstyle "Hair Flip" and its prominent fans

As with most hair trends, it is celebrities such as actresses, singers, and models that inspire us. Various artists have shown where the styling wind is blowing at top-class events. From Zendaya at the Valentino show at Paris Fashion Week to Billie Eilish at the Oscars. And because the look is glamorous but not too extravagant for everyday wear, we immediately feel like trying it out.

Billie Eilish and Zendaya: The trend hairstyle `Hair Flip` and its prominent fans | Billie Eilish to Zendaya: They All Wear Hair-Flip
Zendaya appeared at the Valentino Show all in pink and with trendy hair – an absolute perfect match.

Hair Flip: How to style the hairstyle trend?

So how do you do that now? Apply a mousse to wet hair. The hair is then blow-dried smooth with a round brush in order to obtain soft, bouncy volume. Next, you have to pull a neat middle or side parting and also blow-dry the tips upwards with the round brush. Finally, smooth any flyaways with a shine finishing product, such as a cream. Tip: In addition to a good round brush, a comb can also help to tame and organize.

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