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Thin Hair? These 5 Tips Ensure More Volume!


Bye-bye, thin hair! With these 5 tips, fine hair gets more volume

Fine hair has many advantages: it dries quickly, can be styled in minutes, and requires fewer products. But there is often a lack of volume. With the right tricks you can get a lot closer to the desire for more fullness and bounce because if you use the right care products and pay attention to a few simple tips when styling your hair, you will be surprised how quickly thin hair gains volume.

Bye-bye, thin hair! With these 5 tips, fine hair gets more volume | Thin hair? These 5 tips ensure more volume!
More volume for thin hair? With these five tips, the hair will be nice and strong (Isabel Marant, Spring/Summer 2021)...

Thin hair: what is the cause?

Whether we have curly, straight, thick, or thin hair is genetically determined. As has been found, however, more people with blonde or light brown hair tend to have a thinner structure. Black and red hair are often noticeably thicker. But when is hair actually considered thin? Scientists speak of thin hair when the individual strand of hair is no more than 0.04 millimeters. In comparison: In people with normal to thick hair, it measures between 0.05 and 0.07 millimeters.

Thin hair: what is the cause? | Thin hair? These 5 tips ensure more volume!
Thin hair: what is the cause? | Thin hair? These 5 tips ensure more volume!
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Tips for more volume: These products give thin hair more body

If you want to give your thin hair more structure and volume, you should rely on the right choice of care and styling products. Because fine hair is quite sensitive. It tends to break off and reacts to external influences such as chlorine, UV rays, heat, and chemical hair colorations with dryness and split ends.

In addition, thin hair appears straggly, greasy, and limp more quickly. Therefore, the products with ultra-light formulations have to score and should help against dry tips and a greasy approach. When it comes to fine hair, the general rule is: less is more! These five hair products are guaranteed to benefit thin hair ...


1. The right shampoo

The "Thickening Shampoo" by Elizabeta Zefi is based on an effective formulation of four power ingredients: Vitamin B5 supplies our hair with moisture, wheat proteins repair and strengthen them sustainably and jojobal ensures the necessary suppleness. The special? It also contains a touch of sea salt. This nourishes our scalp with minerals and trace elements and provides the desired volume for thin hair.

1. The right shampoo | Thin hair? These 5 tips ensure more volume!
Elizabeta Zefi Thickening Shampoo

2. A treatment for the scalp

Strong, strong hair starts at the root. This is precisely why the scalp should also be cared for regularly. The "Grow & Shine Scalp Treatment Essence" from Noelie provides the ideal scalp care. The natural cosmetic product pampers the scalp and hair with 23 bio-active ingredients, extracts, and oils. These include hydrolyzed wheat and rice proteins, oils from rosemary, lemongrass, and spearmint as well as an active ingredient complex from ginseng, nettle, birch, and green tea. The natural essence nourishes and soothes the scalp, reduces sebum production, and stimulates cell activity in the hair roots. This strengthens thin hair from the inside out and reduces excessive sebum production.

2. A treatment for the scalp | Thin hair? These 5 tips ensure more volume!
NOELIE by bk - Grow & Shine Scalp Treatment Essence

3. The hair soufflée for volume

Cures, conditioners, and masks are usually far too rich for thin hair. After use, they look flat and hang down in strands even after blow-drying. The solution is a leave-in product that we apply to towel-dried hair after showering. Favorite: The unscented "hair soufflé" from Bruns, the popular natural cosmetics label from Sweden. The silky gel not only gives fullness but also shine and effectively helps against frizz without weighing the hair down.

3. The hair soufflée for volume | Thin hair? These 5 tips ensure more volume!

4. The protein styling set for thin hair

Fine hair benefits from products that promise more grip and volume. The "Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Styling Gel", which was specifically designed for very fine and chemically treated hair, has a very good effect. As a clever multitasker, the alcohol-free styling gel gives thin hair texture, shine, and significantly more body. The silk proteins contained therein are responsible for this. Organic aloe vera provides the hair with additional moisture and ensures a flexible hold. It is best to knead it into the hair before blow-drying. So it protects against heat damage as a precaution.

4. The protein styling set for thin hair | Thin hair? These 5 tips ensure more volume!
John Masters - Sweet Orange & Protein Styling Gel

5. The ultimate approach booster

The positive reviews for the "Volume Lift Approach Booster" by John Frieda speak for themselves - and so does the result: The spray gives the roots new volume and plumps the hair so that it looks nice and fluffy and no longer hangs flat. For this, the weightless formula with silk-oxygen technology is best sprayed generously on the towel-dried base. You can then blow-dry and style your hair as usual.

5. The ultimate approach booster | Thin hair? These 5 tips ensure more volume!
John Frieda Volume Lift - Approach Booster - For extra volume

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