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Hairstyle Trend For Blonde Hair: Vanilla Cream Looks So Beautiful


The latest hair color trend for blondes looks just as delicious as it sounds! From now on, blondes wear the color Vanilla Cream and give their blondes an incredible radiance. We'll tell you everything you should know about the trend.

Vanilla Cream is the latest color trend for blonde hair

When it comes to blonde tones, a lot can go wrong. Either the blonde is too yellow, has a slight gray tint, or makes our complexion look pale. Vanilla Cream changes these problems in no time. Although the blonde tone has a slight yellow tinge, it also delivers the perfect mix between a cool and warm blonde.

Because the color trend is dyed into the hair without highlights, the hair looks particularly radiant and full. Very fine, bright baby lights ensure that the hair shines even more, but they only become visible when you take a closer look. Awesome, isn't it?

With the shade Vanilla Cream, blonde hair shines again

With the shade Vanilla Cream, blonde hair shines again | Hairstyle Trend For Blonde Hair: Vanilla Cream Looks So Beautiful
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Vanilla Cream: This is the best way to take care of your blonde hair

Care is the be-all and end-all when it comes to healthy and beautiful hair. With the shade Vanilla Cream, however, this is particularly important, because otherwise the hair will always look yellower or look dry and brittle. Therefore, you should use products that are specially formulated for blonde hair. These ensure that the blonde tone looks as fresh even after a long time as it did shortly after the hairdresser.

Anyone who has become interested in the new trend hair color should still think about which hairstyle to wear with the hairstyle trend. The bob is especially cool! The casual short hairstyle is a great break in style to the flashy blonde and makes the hair look fuller and more voluminous.

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