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Here Is One Of The Most Requested Short Haircuts This Season... The Sweep Crop Makes It Easy To Maintain To Let Hair Grow Back


Fatal and androgynous, this short haircut gets all the votes. Very easy to comb, it offers limited maintenance. It boosts the pace and freshens up immediately.

Wearing short hair is a secret urge for many women. Few of them “dare” to take the plunge. The change is radical. Yet this short length has many powers. It delivers an instant “rejuvenating” effect. Because it clears the face, it highlights features and brings a certain freshness while boosting the look. The look is bold, rock, and totally in tune with the times. Some have adopted the short cut and wouldn't trade it for the world, like Cristina Cordula who made it her signature. It was thanks to this androgynous hair that the host and former model saw her career take off.

Here is one of the most requested short haircuts this season... The Sweep crop makes it easy to maintain to let hair grow back
Instagram: @mcclure_fans

As the days get longer and the temperatures rise, the hair gets shorter. “Shorter haircuts are incredibly popular when spring/summer arrives when we don't want to have our hair on our faces anymore and we want to shed the weight,” a hairstylist told Glamor.

An ideal short haircut seems to be doing well: the Sweep crop displayed by an actress in Line of Duty, a British series. This is a style that combines the length of the bowl cut with the power of the pixie cut. The hair is structured by a wide lock at the front and unfolds in full volume.

The short sweep crop cut

Many people ask their hairdressers for this style or consider adopting it. This short haircut, like many others, "requires less maintenance," explains the interviewed hairstylist. "Perfect for those who want to limit styling and an" I woke up like this hair "effect.

The secret to a successful short haircut? Maintain the length above the ears. According to the hairdresser, this avoids flyaways and preserves the health and beauty of the hair because the use of heating devices is limited. The idea is to texturize the hair using styling products that add texture and improve natural movement. It can just as easily be worn smoothly as it is messy.

The allure is sophisticated and glamorous, fatal and mysterious.

The pandemic and the multiple confinements that resulted from it have prompted many people to give in to hair follies like the ball to zero. If you're nervous about giving in to the scissors, the Outgrown bob acts as a transitional cut.

The short sweep crop cut | Here is one of the most requested short haircuts this season... The Sweep crop makes it easy to maintain to let hair grow back
Instagram: @mcclure_fans

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