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Skin Care: This Is How Important Cleaning With An Enzyme Peeling Is


A peeling in skincare is one of the most important basics for healthy, radiant skin. Once used, it can remove dead skin, shrink pores and reduce blemishes. But: Many conventional peelings contain abrasive particles, such as sugar and microplastics, which not only irritate the skin but can also cause irritation on the face. The alternative? Gentle enzyme peelings, which are purely plant-based and are gentler on the skin and yet effectively rid it of deposits and dirt.

This is how important an enzyme peeling is for healthy, beautiful skin

This is how important an enzyme peeling is for healthy, beautiful skin | Skin care: This is how important cleaning with an enzyme peeling is
Gentle but effective: Enzyme peels are the gentle alternative to conventional chemical peels (Dior, Spring/Summer 2020).

Care products with enzymes that exfoliate and soothe the skin at the same time are particularly effective. The "Moisturizing Enzyme Face Cleansing Balm" from the organically certified skin and hair care brand Noelie by bk does just that and combines pH-balanced cleansing with an enzymatic peeling effect. Including moisture boost!

How does an enzyme peeling work on the skin?

Enzyme peels are chemical peels that - very importantly - are not mechanical. On the skin, they break down proteins that hold the cells of the horny layer together. In other words: Deposits and dirt on the cells can be easily removed and skin flakes are gently removed. Plus: the metabolism and the regeneration of the skin are accelerated; the new cells reach the surface of the skin more quickly. The result: radiant, pure skin and a refined complexion.

This is how the "Moisturizing Enzyme Face Cleansing Balm" from Noelie by bk works

The "Moisturizing Enzyme Face Cleansing Balm" from Noelie by bk cleanses, refreshes, and invigorates the skin. It combines pH-balanced cleaning with nourishing care, essential moisture enrichment, and an enzymatic peeling effect. In addition, the skin is enriched with highly effective antioxidants and nutrients while it is being cleaned. The purely plant-based surfactants of the light, smooth texture cleanse down to the pores and effortlessly remove deposits and make-up without weakening the natural balance of the skin barrier.

Fermented pumpkin enzymes exfoliate in a particularly gentle way, reduce pigment shifts and give the skin-soothing harmony. And: extracts of edelweiss and pansy protect against harmful environmental influences.

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