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Petit Bob: This Hairstyle Trend Will Be Big In 2022


Wolf Cut, Shullet, and Skunk Hair: The year 2021 had some news in store for haircuts. First and foremost, of course, was hairstyle pioneer Miley Cyrus, who has been a real trend barometer for years when it comes to innovations on our heads.

Petit Bob: This Hairstyle Trend Will Be Big In 2022
Bob hairstyles never go out of style. That's why new variants keep popping up. We are certain: in 2022 the petit bob will be big.

But for the year 2022, others will exceptionally set the tone - or in this case rather the cut. Anyone checking their Insta feed for hairstyle trends will quickly find out: Damn, somehow almost all influencers have the same haircut, namely the petit bob.

Hairstyle trend 2022: This is what makes the petit bob so special

In 2022 the motto is: We wear our hair short and show a clear edge instead of feathery cut contours! This is also confirmed by Elba Ahmetaj, stylist and owner of the trend salon Mr. Mrs. Hajr in Munich. In the last few weeks, a number of influencers have landed on her chair who had the petit bob missed for 2022 - including Nadine Tosun.

"The important thing is that the bob is cut very compactly to one length," says Elba Ahmetaj. "Depending on the face, you let it stand a little longer or shorter. If you have a round face, go a little longer than your chin so that your face looks longer. With a long face, the contour ends best at chin length.”

Petit Bob: This Hairstyle Trend Will Be Big In 2022
Instagram: @nadinesfashionblog

"I think the cut actually has what it takes to become the go-to hairstyle for 2022," explains Elba Ahmetaj. Her reasoning: “Female empowerment is more important than ever. And this cut represents exactly that, as it's from the 1920s. Back then, women cut their hair shorter, wore H-line dresses, and fought for the right to vote.”

Petit Bob: This Hairstyle Trend Will Be Big In 2022
Instagram: @tsun_saki

The year 2022 definitely stands for new beginnings and upheaval. Why accept any longer what should have been changed long ago? The Petit Bob fits perfectly into today's world.

Petit bob hairstyle trend is so uncomplicated

The time of influencer bashing is also over. Many of them have long since become established entrepreneurs who, like Nadine Tosun, founded their own label. Time for long hair styling? Hardly stays there. And exactly this fact is also the cool thing about the petit bob. "Because it has such a compact cut, it can be styled and worn on either side with any parting or even without a parting at all," says Elba Ahmetaj. The time-consuming care of long hair is also completely eliminated here. It looks great when worn straight, or you can quickly work in a few waves with a curling iron or flat iron. The hairstyle trend also looks great with hats and scarves.

Elba's conclusion: "The petite bob is simply a statement - love it!"

Petit bob hairstyle trend is so uncomplicated | Petit Bob: This Hairstyle Trend Will Be Big In 2022
Instagram: @nadinesfashionblog

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