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Dora Tillier: How To Wear Bangs Like Her?


Dora Tillier will be the mistress of ceremonies for the 2021 Cannes film festival which will take place in July. The opportunity to look at her hairstyles and especially her bangs, which she knows how to adapt to current trends, in line with her long hair.

Dora Tillier: How To Wear Bangs Like Her?

When we look at the photos of Dora Tillier, the next mistress of ceremonies in Cannes in July 2021, the first thing that marks is that she smiles all the time, even that she bursts out laughing. Then we see her beautiful figure, her long hair that she leaves more and more often waving in a natural way. Just as she lets her bangs live, which she very often wears like a lock on one side of her face.

If she has always worn long hair, Dora Tillier has changed her hairstyle over time. When she started at Canal +, her hair was always straight and her bangs were long, straight, and perfectly smooth too. and sometimes styled in curtain bangs, so trendy this summer 2021. Then, she often has fun styling it like a side hair strand or like two strands on each side of her face.

In recent years, in Cannes in 2019 for example, she has adopted more natural hairstyles with wavy hair and short bangs that seem to be living a life of their own. If she gives herself a bun, she hides her bangs and frees her forehead, more and more often, without however giving up these bangs which are an integral part of her personality.

Dora Tillier: How To Wear Bangs Like Her?
Dora Tillier and her curtain bangs...

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