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Washing Your Hair Properly: Everyone Makes These 5 Mistakes


The basics of washing your hair for anyone who still thinks you can't go wrong.

Is the gloss missing? Everyone makes these 5 mistakes when washing their hair

Is the gloss missing? Everyone makes these 5 mistakes when washing their hair | Washing your hair properly: Everyone makes these 5 mistakes

Whether limp strands, dull hair, or a very fast regreasing approach: We all have our problems when it comes to our hair. However, many resign themselves to this or blame their styling routine - without knowing that the cause of the problem lies elsewhere.

Is the gloss missing? Everyone makes these 5 mistakes when washing their hair | Washing your hair properly: Everyone makes these 5 mistakes

When it comes to washing your hair, there is actually more to consider than you might think. However, if you avoid certain mistakes, you will soon be able to transform your limp mane into the beautiful head of hair it could be!

1. You are using the wrong shampoo

There are still people who choose their shampoo based on the scent. However, there couldn't be a worse way to find the right shampoo for your hair. This mistake is fatal for the hair, but fortunately, it is relatively easy to fix.

1. You are using the wrong shampoo | Washing your hair properly: Everyone makes these 5 mistakes

There's a reason there are so many different shampoos out there. Not all hair makes the same demands on a shampoo. Colored hair is often stressed by the chemicals in the color, so you need shampoos with a particularly large number of nourishing ingredients.

The same applies, of course, to hair that naturally tends to be dry, such as curls. The structure protruding from the roots makes it more difficult for sebum to get into the lengths, so that curly hair often appears dry. So you need a shampoo that contains as few surfactants as possible so that the hair is not dried out unnecessarily in length.

2. You wash your hair too often

Almost every woman wonders how often she should wash her hair. But unfortunately, there is no one universal answer. It depends heavily on the structure of the hair. Dry hair needs to be washed less often than hair that tends to be greasy. In general, however, you should not wash your hair too often, otherwise, the natural protective layer of the hair will be attacked.

So it's up to you. As long as the hair doesn't look greasy or smell unpleasant, it doesn't necessarily have to be washed. Sometimes, however, the hair becomes greasy quickly, but we would still like to wash it less often because it is dry at the same time and we want to reduce the sebum production of the scalp. In this case, it is advisable to switch to the so-called "Cleansing Conditioner". These are nourishing conditioners that contain surfactants and thereby gently cleanse the hair in addition to the care ad.


3. You have the wrong technique

If you have chosen the right shampoo and found a rhythm that suits you, the next stumbling block is waiting: You can do a lot wrong with the process of washing your hair.
For example, do you distribute the foam all over your hair?

Yep, that can also cause dry hair. Many women complain of greasy neck and dry lengths. However, this can be improved by focusing only on the roots while washing and leaving the lengths alone. When rinsing out, the shampoo spreads out a bit in the lengths anyway, this is completely sufficient for cleaning.

3. You have the wrong technique | Washing your hair properly: Everyone makes these 5 mistakes

Another problem can be if you massage the scalp too hard. A scalp massage feels heavenly, but especially with greasy hair, we only stimulate sebum production even more. As a result, the hair regreases faster.

4. You don't use grooming

Since hair is particularly sensitive when wet and breaks off more easily, it is downright reprehensible not to give it any care products after washing. This not only prevents knots in the hair but also seals the top layer of hair that was previously roughened during washing. This makes the hair look silky.

In the case of particularly stubborn hair, it can even make sense to first treat the hair with conditioner and then wash it. This minimizes the risk that your hair will break off and at the same time protects the lengths from drying out.

A conditioner, especially for dry, damaged hair, is, for example, the Repair & Detox Conditioner from John Frieda. It contains hemp seed and avocado oil and is said to provide the hair with plenty of moisture and make it shine.

5. You are not washing off the shampoo properly

It just doesn't stop: even when you rinse your hair, it's not just a matter of running water over your hair. Now you have to make sure, firstly, that there really are no product residues left in the hair, otherwise, the strands are weighed down when dry and cannot be styled, and secondly, that the water is at the right temperature.

5. You are not washing off the shampoo properly | Washing your hair properly: Everyone makes these 5 mistakes

Of course, one or two degrees does not matter, but the water that is too hot removes moisture from the hair and ensures that the cuticle of the hair becomes rough. This makes the strands look lifeless and brittle.

If you want to be on the safe side, you should rinse your hair for at least 30 seconds with lukewarm water and finally seal the cuticle by giving your hair a cold shower - for a shiny head of hair.

One last important thing: The subject of hair care is always very individual. Only you can judge for yourself whether the tips or products presented by us work for you. If you have persistent hair or scalp problems, it may be advisable to see a skin specialist.

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