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Gray Hair Is A Hairstyle Trend And A Classic Of The Future


It is not only on the runways and red carpets that it shimmers silver-gray. Gray hair - natural or colored - is desired more and more often. The tendency is also thanks to the new care and coloring products, which give Granny Hair a fresh appeal. We discussed with the top stylist and silver hair admirer Kevin Murphy why hair with a silver sheen is so fascinating at all.

Gray Hair Is A Hairstyle Trend And A Classic Of The Future

Gray hair: A statement favorite since 2019

In 2019, the Comme des Garçons label stood for the fact that age goes hand in hand with wisdom. At the request of designer Rei Kawakubo, the French hairstylist Julien d’Ys created a variety of hairstyles from gray hair for her show in Paris. The way they were presented was also important for their statement: ponytails with architectural details and roughened buns from the Edwardian era. If the designer has its way, the look will look classic into the future: Gone are the days of exaggerated youthfulness and a culture idealized by the internet.

Gray Hair Is A Hairstyle Trend And A Classic Of The Future
Models with gray hair on the Comme des Garçons catwalk.

Why does hair lose its color over time?

The main reason is the natural aging process. It reduces the formation of the enzyme catalase, which promotes the coloring pigment melanin in the hair follicles by neutralizing the endogenous and decolorizing degradation product hydrogen peroxide. Prof. Dr. Heinz Decker from the Institute for Biophysics at the University of Mainz sees this as the key to graying: "The starting point for the entire process is hydrogen peroxide, which we also know as a bleaching agent. With increasing age, it is increasingly formed in the hair and ultimately prevents the production of the color pigment melanin. " Other reasons for gray hair can be a disease as well as modern factors such as negative environmental influences and an increased level of stress in everyday life. Those who want to resist graying out can use care products and food supplements. Pills, for example, rely on vitamin B12 and on the Indian gooseberry amla, which is praised in Ayurveda as an anti-gray hair title.

Haircare to affect graying

Those who want to influence the speed of graying can use innovative products such as the "Elixir Anti-Gray" from La Biosthétique. With ingredients of natural origin, it protects the hair from future pigment loss. For the transition phase to gray hair, a professional bicolor coloring is recommended as an attractive look in everyday life. Important: Use shampoos and conditioners with a sun protection factor and with a proportion of violet pigments. They protect against a yellow tinge in white hair. An extra portion of moisture prevents a brittle texture.


Confident: New #GoingGray initiative

The phenomenon of gray hair cannot be stopped. Under the Going Gray Instagram account, women of all ages share feelings and experiences in the process.

Confident: New #GoingGray initiative | Gray Hair Is A Hairstyle Trend And A Classic Of The Future
Instagram: @grombre

Model Erin O'Conner #GoingGray

Model Erin O'Conner #GoingGray | Gray Hair Is A Hairstyle Trend And A Classic Of The Future
Model Erin O'Conner #GoingGray | Gray Hair Is A Hairstyle Trend And A Classic Of The Future
Instagram: @erinoconnor

Interview with an expert on gray hair care

It's little wonder that street-style photographers prefer to shoot VOGUE editor Sarah Harris. When her silver-gray hair shimmers in the sunlight of the fashion cities, it's hard to look away. "A woman with gray hair stands out from the monotonous crowd," says top stylist Kevin Murphy in an interview with VOGUE. "The courage to have gray hair, be it natural or colored, shows a strong personality."

More and more women are wearing gray hair. Where does the change of heart come from?

Kevin Murphy: That's because more and more women want less effort and fewer chemicals. In addition, women with gray hair stand out from the monotonous crowd. The hair color has become a fashion statement that exudes self-confidence, intelligence, and life experience. New hair care textures have also favored the trend.

How do new products influence the trend?

Gray hair often looks dull, frizzy, and looks brittle. Thanks to special anti-aging products that wrap around your hair like a protective coat, you can take good care of gray hair. In my "Young.Again" line I end up with phospholipids, which close the cuticle and prevent the loss of valuable moisture. In addition, anti-aging hair care products provide the scalp with nutrients and antioxidants that act on the surface tension of the hair.

What can you do about unsightly shades of yellow?

I recommend treatments for blonde hair that have a slight purple tinge. Shampoos with fruit acid or sugar cane extracts are also particularly good for gray hair, as they cleanse and smooth it like a gentle exfoliant. Great side effect: the hair has more bounce again.

Are there any products that are taboo for gray hair?

Styling creams often make gray hair appear dull. Often one then resorts to glossy products, which in turn weigh down the residue with residues. The right care makes smoothing serums and the like superfluous.

Which haircuts bring out the shimmering silver trend color perfectly?

Long-tiered cuts are ideal, but curls are difficult. I would advocate a clear, slim silhouette or a haircut with a minimalist swing.

What tip should you keep in mind if you want to dye your hair gray?

Silver hair is created from an artificial white or light yellow base tone. The required bleaching often dries out the hair severely. This is very time-consuming for dark hair. Light hair, on the other hand, can be dyed gray very easily - and the effect is stunning if the hair is shiny and looks like ice.

Make-up for a pale complexion

"Gray hair can make the complexion look pale, so strong colors are essential," says Bobbi Brown in an interview about gray hair. "Pale pastel tones, nude nuances, and brown tones should be replaced by apricot and pink-colored peach. These tones give the face more freshness." For the eyelids, Bobbi Brown recommends a matte silver or slate gray eyeshadow. "The basic rule is: Use shimmering textures sparingly and use statement colors for your fingertips."

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