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Blood Sugar Diet: Lose Weight In Just 8 Weeks - According To The M-Plan

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Today you want to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. You can allegedly with the blood sugar diet from England. This should not only help you lose weight through a reduced-calorie and low-carbohydrate diet but also set the blood sugar level positively.

Lose weight with the blood sugar diet: this is how the nutritional concept works

Lose weight with the blood sugar diet: this is how the nutritional concept works | Blood sugar diet: Lose weight in just 8 weeks - according to the M-plan

Low-sugar fruit should be used for the blood sugar diet - for example, pears.

Blood sugar diet: This is how the idea of the weight loss concept came about

The British journalist Michael Mosley had to find out during a routine check-up at the doctor that he suffered from high blood sugar levels and was in the early stages of diabetes. On the basis of this diagnosis, the journalist and studied medical professionals developed the blood sugar diet, also known as the M-diet (M for the inventor of the diet, Mosley), and examined the nutritional behavior of a group of volunteer participants that he had collaborated with for a BBC documentary Camera accompanied. From his research he was able to identify three important pillars for a healthy diet:

  1. A low-carbohydrate Mediterranean diet
  2. 800 calories daily or intermittent 5: 2 fasting
  3. Lots of exercises

The result: With the help of this change, Mosley was able to regulate his blood sugar levels and minimize the risk of developing diabetes. By the way, he also lost weight. Following the blood sugar diet, it should be possible to lose up to 15 kilograms of body weight in just eight weeks, to regulate the blood sugar level, and to prevent prediabetes and fatty liver disease. The University of Glasgow confirmed with its own study the positive effects of the diet, which Mosley recorded in his book "The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet".

Long Term Weight Loss: The 3 Basics Of The Blood Sugar Diet


1. Reduction of carbohydrates

The basis of the blood sugar diet is a low-carbohydrate diet, which requires you to completely avoid white flour products such as white bread or pasta. Potatoes, peeled rice, and sugar are also taboo. These bad carbohydrates not only have a particularly negative effect on blood sugar levels, but they also make you gain weight. The sugar hidden in white flour products is deposited as fat in the liver.

Sugar should be banned from your diet plan as much as possible. Beware of hidden sugar traps when losing weight: Fruit also contains a lot of sugar. Therefore: Instead of pineapples, bananas, and melons, you should prefer berries, apples, and pears, which contain less fructose. In addition, eating vegetables is good for blood sugar levels and your figure.

1. Reduction of carbohydrates | Blood sugar diet: Lose weight in just 8 weeks - according to the M-plan

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2. 800 calories daily or intermittent fasting

Michael Mosley also concluded that the healthiest way to keep your body healthy is to reduce your daily calorie intake to 800 calories. If you don't feel comfortable with this reduced calorie intake, you can generate a lower energy intake with intermittent fasting. Mosley recommends the principle of 5: 2 fasting for this. This means that you don't watch your calorie intake five days a week, fast two days a week and then reduce your calorie intake to 500 to 600 calories a day.

3. Adequate exercise

The diet should be accompanied by plenty of exercises. Decide on a daily workout of your choice. In this way, you build muscles and ensure that they do not turn into fatty tissue and thus help to break down blood sugar. Not only do you burn off excess sugar and lose weight, but you also define your muscles at the same time.

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