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7 Ways You Can Strengthen Your Immune System Now


From dietary supplements to sleep, a healthy intestine to garlic, antioxidants, and alcohol: the guide for a functioning immune system that protects us from infections...

7 Ways You Can Strengthen Your Immune System Now

Strengthen the immune system - our tips and the best food supplements for the winter

What really strengthens us and how do we strengthen our immune system? We often believe that the immune system is weakened and stressed the most during the coldest time of the year, but in fact, this is true all year round. In any case, it has to do with the state of the body - stress, fatigue, and diet all play crucial roles - how often or whether you fall victim to a virus at all.

What is our immune system doing?

Our immune system is a complex collection of cells and systems that work together to protect us against disease. It is the body's natural defense system against pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms that cause disease), and it is also effective in cell repair. The main agents of the immune system are the white blood cells, the lymphocytes, which fight infection by moving around the body in the bloodstream, and lymph vessels, which are found in the lymphatic organs - including the polyps (in the back of the nasal passage), blood vessels, Bone marrow, lymph nodes, the spleen, small intestine, thymus, and tonsils.

7 food supplements for the immune system

In order to strengthen your immune system - so that it successfully fends off stubborn germs that come your way every year and you don't have to resort to antibiotics right away - we have put together the most important key elements for the immune system.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also known as the sun hormone. In contrast to all other vitamins, the vitamin can be produced by the body itself. However, only if sufficient sunlight, in the form of UV-B radiation, acts on the skin. When the temperatures drop in autumn and the days get shorter, we often feel tired and lack energy because we lack the vitamin. This is why vitamin D capsules are, for example, an ideal way to get the energy balance going again.


For the immune system: What do your body and a beehive have in common? Both are living organisms and therefore need adequate protection from external influences in order to stay healthy. The bees have the ideal remedy for this: Propolis from Medicom, for example - a substance made up of pollen, tree resins, wax, and essential oils. This protects a colony of bees from pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, or fungi, and people have also been using the unique mixture of substances for thousands of years to disinfect wounds or to strengthen their body's defenses. Allergy sufferers should only use propolis after consulting a doctor.


Foodspring's amino acid, for example, helps nourish your intestines, promote cellular recovery and support the function of the immune system.

Vitamin C

Our body cannot produce vitamin C itself, which is why it has to be supplied through food. Vitamin C's many beneficial properties - regulating the oxygen supply to cells, producing collagen, and building cartilage and bone tissue - support your body, which is why increasing Inna Nature's vitamin C intake is a great way to stimulate a falling energy level again.


Zinc is crucial in activating T cells, which support immune cell activity. Zinc tablets, for example, can help reduce the duration of colds and flu.


The Reishi mushroom provides a comprehensive strengthening of body and mind and strengthens and supports your organism. In traditional Chinese medicine, the Reishi medicinal mushroom is known as the "king of medicinal mushrooms". It is said to have a general strengthening and supportive effect and contains phytochemicals that can support the defense against free radicals.

Echinacea (medicinal plant: coneflower)

Preferably taken as a tincture (e.g. "Echinacin"), the antiviral and antibacterial properties of the sun hats can enormously support the immune system. The plant has powerful adaptogenic effects that can reduce stress and indirectly strengthen the immune system.


6 more key elements to strengthen your immune system

1. Antioxidants

While vitamin C is at the top of the list when it comes to fighting off colds and viruses, antioxidants, in general, provide a gigantic support for the immune system by breaking down dead cells and promoting the development of white blood cells, which are key in fighting harmful bacteria are.

Antioxidants also play an important role in repairing damaged DNA and strengthening the body's self-healing powers. Free radicals essentially trigger inflammatory reactions in the cells, while antioxidants neutralize or reduce them.

The best source of antioxidants is diet - just add the following foods to your grocery list: berries, dark chocolate, artichokes, coffee, kidney beans, green tea, apples, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, and oily fish (like herring, salmon, and mackerel).

2. Garlic protection

It is an old remedy, the many positive effects of which on health are undisputed. The active component of garlic, allicin, has antibacterial properties that can prevent diseases and infections. The peculiarity of garlic is its anti-inflammatory effect, which helps the immune system to function as well as possible.

A study by the Journal of Immunology Research found that allicin has a direct impact on the number of white blood cells that fight free radicals and harmful bacteria. The best way to ingest garlic is to use it in cooking or in supplement form.

3. A healthy bowel

Over 70 percent of the body's immune cells are located in the intestines, or rather on the intestinal walls, which explains why a healthy intestine is a key to a healthy and functioning body. Digestion plays an important role in metabolizing body toxins as part of our natural detoxification system. A diet rich in fiber and fiber helps to transport possible toxins quickly through the intestines. Dietary fiber in particular has a direct effect on improving intestinal flora. VOGUE recommends taking the "Symprove" dietary supplement regularly.

4. Movement

4. Movement | 7 Ways You Can Strengthen Your Immune System Now

A study by Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise showed that regular, brisk walking increases the circulation of white blood cells. The main task of these immune cells is to eliminate possible pathogens, i.e. pathogens. The same effect can be achieved through regular weight training, which increases heart rate and body temperature (another factor that helps kill bacteria). However, this study also contains a caveat: any workout that lasts longer than 75 minutes at high intensity increases hormone production, which in turn can impair the immune system. So a balance between high and low intensity is crucial.

5. Get enough sleep

The benefits of good, restful, and rejuvenating sleep are endless, as are their effects on the immune system. Research by the "Pflügers Archiv - European Journal of Physiology" has shown that getting enough sleep and a balanced day-night rhythm (the rest-wake cycle of the body and the brain) stimulates the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines (substances produced by the immune system) and of Stimulates killer cells and thus improves the body's ability to fight off infections.

6. Say Goodbye to Alcohol

If you look at the ingredients in alcohol, it essentially says that it consists almost entirely of sugar. Excessive consumption of sugar and/or alcohol is one of the main factors causing a decrease in the physical ability to produce white blood cells, which means that the immune system is weakened. In the long term, alcohol can seriously impair the function of the immune cells and make the body more susceptible to disease.

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