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Liquid Hair Is The Prettiest Hairstyle Trend For Winter


Smooth silky...

Silky shiny hair has long been regarded as the ideal of beauty. The liquid hair trend has now reached a new level. Our mane becomes a flowing dream.

Liquid Hair Is The Prettiest Hairstyle Trend For Winter

Be it on the red carpet, in the relevant influencer forums, or on the boulevards in the city center: never before have we met so many women whose beautiful hair almost forces you to look. The hair falls flowingly over the shoulders and shines seductively in the autumn sun if it shines. But what is this trend called and above all: How can you style your own mane accordingly?

Liquid Hair: a really glamorous appearance

With the English term "Liquid Hair" the hip hairstyle trend is actually aptly described. In the ideal case, it is possible for the hair to play around our face like water and exude a hitherto unimagined shine. In the vast majority of cases, liquid hair describes straight, long, or medium-length hair. Since at least the shine effect can also be achieved with curls, the separation is not a dogma. However, the visual appeal of the flowing movement is much more pronounced with straight hair.

Liquid Hair: a really glamorous appearance | Liquid Hair Is The Prettiest Hairstyle Trend For Winter

What does it take to style Liquid Hair?

With a perfect liquid hair hairstyle, there is no way around the professional! A keratin treatment is carried out in the hairdressing salon, for which you should plan at least 200 USD. Depending on the hair and the local price structure, it can easily be twice as much. As a reward you get a hairstyle that looks great, is much easier to care for than before, and will definitely last three, four months, or longer. If you let your loved one put the corresponding voucher under the Christmas tree, you can still start spring 2022 with a dream mane.

What does it take to style Liquid Hair? | Liquid Hair Is The Prettiest Hairstyle Trend For Winter



How does a keratin treatment work?

With this form of chemical hair straightening, the outer structure of each individual hair is filled with keratin. This gives you a smooth surface for a long time. In practice, the hair is first washed in the salon, ideally with a keratin shampoo. The fiber protein keratin is then gently massaged into the hair. After blow-drying, the straightening iron is used, with each individual strand being processed more than a dozen times. Overall, this treatment, which can take place in one way or another, lasts about three hours.

What options are there at home?

There are various products on the market for home use, which are massaged into the hair in a similar way to a hairdresser and then set with heat. However, don't expect a pro-like result, especially when it comes to durability. But you can also get frizzy hair under control without permanently damaging the frizzy or curly structure.

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