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Hair Trend: New "Octopus" Cut To Try In 2022


What is this new hair trend coming straight from Asia? We take stock of the "octopus" cut.

Hair Trend: New "Octopus" Cut To Try In 2022

Are you tired of your current cut and looking for a new hairstyle to give freshness, volume, and allure to your hair? This article should please you! Many trends have punctuated the year 2021. By 2022, other hair fashions are emerging. Lately, it is the octopus hair that has made its arrival in the world of hairdressing. A name not necessarily telling that requires some explanation!

The octopus hair trend owes its name to the word "octopus" meaning "octopus", "octopus". But what does this new hair fashion from Asia, and more specifically from Korea, look like? Well, you've probably seen it on your Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest feeds without knowing its real name. Octopus hair has been invading social networks for a few weeks.

Hair Trend: New "Octopus" Cut To Try In 2022
Hair Trend: New "Octopus" Cut To Try In 2022
Instagram: @____anu

The octopus hair is a mix of two hair trends that have marked the year 2021. This cut indeed takes up the length at the nape of the mullet cut as well as the volume and the degraded hair of the wolf cut. Another particularity of the “octopus” cut: it requires keeping short locks at ear level. The lengths of the rest of the hair are then reminiscent of the tentacles of an octopus. This makes it an original and almost extravagant hairstyle. But will you dare to fall for this 2022 beauty trend? Although it can be adopted by all medium-length hair, we especially recommend it to people with fine and flat hair, lacking volume.

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