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Hair Frosting: The New Highlight Trend Is So Cool


Bye, bye balayage! Hair frosting is the coolest color trend...

Fancy a new hair color? Then you should take a closer look at the trendy highlight trend of hair frosting. What makes the look so popular and who does it suit? We'll show you.

Hair Frosting: The New Highlight Trend is So Cool

If you happen to be in the mood for a new hairstyle - but don't want to fundamentally change the length of your mane or the basic tone of your hair - hair frosting is just the right thing for you. In this trend, the hair is colored using blonde highlights. But what distinguishes the dyeing technique from similar highlight styles such as balayage, ombré, and co.?

With hair frosting, the hair is dyed a cool shade of blonde. While balayage focuses on warm nuances and often results in an overall light gradient in the hair, the frosting technique sets individual accents in cool, lighter shades. Similar to light winter frost on a dark background, hair frosting creates beautiful facets in the hair.

And just as cool as the name sounds, so is the hair color after coloring. Incidentally, people with dark blonde or brown hair are perfectly suited to the trend. The cool highlights then result in a stronger contrast and optically more volume. And that's exactly why celebrities and beauty fans just can't get enough of the color trend.

Because the look not only looks modern and cool, but the effect gives the face a nice freshness. Due to the contrast, the look almost reminds us of the highlights of the 2000s, just a touch more modern and natural. The hairstyle fits perfectly with the current Y2K trend.

Hair frosting: Where did the trend come from?

Hair frosting is characterized by the fact that the hair is almost reminiscent of cold frost thanks to the cool color effect. For the trendy contrast, however, only individual strands are dyed a cool blonde tone, so that the hair appears lighter, but the basic tone is retained.

The trendy dyeing technique was coined by color expert Stuart Marsh, Color Director at Taylor Taylor London. One of the hottest hair salons in the British metropolis. The trend is now not only popular with VIPs, but with all fans of cool hairstyles.

Hair frosting: Where did the trend come from? | Hair Frosting: The New Highlight Trend is So Cool
Instagram: @taylor_taylor_london

The great thing: the look can be used with the most natural hair colors and suits everyone. Of course, since we can't jet to London for a new hairstyle, the question arises as to whether the hair salon you trust is also able to implement the color trend skilfully. So what should the professional pay attention to when hair frosting?

Here's how to color the hair frosting trend

It is important that the cool frosting tone is adapted to the basic tone of your hair, but still stands out well in the respective lighter nuance. This is the only way to create a frosty contrast. So that the entire look remains natural, the strands are often not attached directly from the roots, but rather lower.

Although there are suitable hair frosting kits online, you should still let the professionals do it for the best possible result. Because what you certainly don't want is a chipmunk look instead of frosting. Subsequent care in the form of hair treatments or leave-in products is also mandatory so that the new look looks well cared for. So the hair is supplied with sufficient moisture and can shine beautifully.

By the way: With wavy hair, the multi-faceted look looks very natural, with straight hair the “frosty” style comes into its own and looks ultra-cool.

We love the hair frosting trend because it combines everything we want in hair color. The highlighting technique is suitable for most hair colors, gives the hair more volume, and yet changes the entire look.

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