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Here'S How The Bob Will Be Doing In 2023


Each year, its flagship hairstyle trend. 2020 was marked by the short bob. What will happen in 2021? The bob will always be as fashionable... but will be worn in a brand new version.

Here's How The Bob Will Be Doing In 2023

The square has never been so trendy. While it has always been a hairstyle classic, this year this short haircut has really been on-trend. Adopted by many celebrities, the square was notably propelled by Kaia Gerber, Céline Dion, or Jennifer Lopez who put it perfectly. According to Glamor UK magazine, the bob was even the most searched hairstyle on the Google search engine during the year 2020. A trend which therefore sounds like a safe bet for all people wishing to change their look, and which tends to continue for some time. If the short bob has clearly marked the world of beauty in 2020, what new version of the bob will mark our year 2021? The suspense has lasted long enough, we tell you everything!

Here's How The Bob Will Be Doing In 2023
Here's How The Bob Will Be Doing In 2023
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The long bob, the flagship hairstyle trend of 2021

In 2021, the bob will be worn a tad longer than the famous fashionable bob of 2020. We will actually prefer to wear it at the shoulders, or even slightly below. And no doubt that this cut called "long bob" will still have many followers in the months to come. This hairstyle with the length of a little "in-between" gives character and structures the hair. It also has many advantages, especially if you are still hesitant about cutting everything. The long bob - which promises to be the flagship hairstyle trend of 2021 - is a good compromise. This is of course a bob, but it remains long enough to continue to sport a multitude of attached hairstyles (ponytail, bun, braid...). In short, the long bob has the merit of having the advantages of a short bob, with those of a mid-length cut. Come on, let's go to the hairdresser!

The French bob, the bob that has guts

And if the long square to the coast, its short version has still not had its last word! Ultra trendy last year, the short bob does not seem ready to leave its place and tirelessly continues to reinvent itself. Moreover, lately, it is the French bob that is at the heart of all attention! If this short haircut like no other appeals so much, it's because it has the art of highlighting the features of each face while enhancing the port of the head. Elegant and daring, across the Atlantic, it is considered to be THE Parisian hairstyle par excellence, hence its name meaning “French square”. Timeless, this hairstyle is believed to have been popularized in the 1920s when it was already proudly sported and equated with the liberation of women. Since then, its length stopping at the level of the jaw and the chin, as well as its deceptively neglected look, have continued to crack a good number of celebrities: from Natalie Portman to Audrey Tautou, via Úrsula Corberó or even Kaia. Gerber… We don't know where to turn! The French bob - which looks as good on fine as for thick hair, sleek and curly, with bangs or without - definitely has it all! No wonder then that in 2021, this incredibly charming square will still be at the forefront of the trend.

A stylish square in all circumstances

Whatever the trendy cut you will fall for this year, remember that it will only be more stylish if you take the time to prepare it every morning to obtain, at will, an ultra-smooth, wavy square. or curly glamor. Don't panic, it’s the story of just a few minutes each morning if you are using the right products. Spray the lengths of your bob with a texturizing and heat-protecting spray to make your job easier and protect your hair. Then take your straightener to give character to your hairstyle.

In this regard, the Dyson Corrale™ straightener is the perfect ally and the perfect gift for a successful Mother's Day. Indeed, its flexible plates (in copper and manganese) and its temperature which is adjusted according to each type of hair, allow a perfect styling of each strand in one pass, in order to limit the damage *. The rounded design of the device also allows you to achieve pretty wide curls or waves in a jiffy, so you can vary the looks without changing the device. Finally, its battery life of about 30 minutes wireless allows it to be used anywhere without being constrained in its movements. In short, it has everything to please (us) or seduces our mother so that she looks after her square and appears well dressed in all circumstances.

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