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Everything That Damages Hair: What To Look Out For For Healthy Hair From Now On?


Silicones, heat, and Co .: Find out here what harms your hair and which alternatives you can rely on for a healthy head of hair.

Healthy hair, we all dream of it. From a powerful and curving head of hair - but in reality, we often do things that do more damage to our hair in its natural form than they help us. Find out here which things can damage your hair and which alternatives you can rely on for healthy hair.

Everything That Damages Hair: What To Look Out For For Healthy Hair From Now On?

This damages your hair: Too much styling heat

It's no secret that too much heat can damage hair in the short and long term. Anyone who uses the straightening iron or curling iron every day has probably already made the acquaintance of unsightly split ends or the horror duo of dry tips and greasy hairline.

The heat from styling utensils permanently damages the cuticle of the hair, which is the natural barrier that stores moisture in our hair. Once this layer is damaged, the hair dries out and can no longer absorb moisture from outside, such as from hair masks or conditioners. Our scalp also suffers from heat of over 185 degrees - common straightening irons can heat up to over 200 degrees Celsius - which can cause dehydration and dandruff.

To protect the hair from drying out due to heat, silicone-free heat protection should always be used - regardless of whether you blow-dry your hair or straighten it completely. On the other hand, you should use styling tools that allow you to regulate the heat and do not go above 185 degrees.

Another (more radical) solution, of course, is to say goodbye to hot styling tools altogether and switch to gentler methods. However, there is one thing to keep in mind when air-drying your hair: your hair is particularly delicate when wet and can break easily. For this reason, you should avoid lying in bed with your hair wet (the friction on the pillow can cause hair breakage) or rubbing your wet hair dry with a conventional towel.

Styling products with silicones will damage your hair in the long run

Many people should know that silicones damage hair. But what exactly is wrong with the ingredient found in so many shampoos? Haircare and styling products contain silicones because they make the hair look particularly shiny - and at first glance also healthy. But appearances are deceptive: Silicones put a kind of film around your hair, which increases in size with each application, making the hair look heavy and flat after a while. In addition, the resulting layer of silicone no longer allows care products to penetrate - which is why the hair can dry out further.

The scalp is also treated in a similar way with silicones, because they seal the pores so that sweat and sheep can no longer be secreted - the scalp can no longer "breathe", so to speak. The consequence of this? Dandruff and uncomfortable itching. For your hair and scalp - and the environment - you should love silicone-free shampoos, conditioners, and heat protection sprays.

Healthy hair: take care of the scalp

Whether through styling heat or silicones - our scalp can withstand a lot. With its function to protect us from external influences and as the origin of our hair roots, it is an important authority when it comes to healthy and full hair. However, many people do not know that, like the skin on our faces, they too need the care to prevent dandruff, itching, and hair loss. One way to take care of the scalp is to use weekly scalp scrubs and scalp masks. Deep scalp massages are also beneficial as they stimulate blood circulation.


When in doubt: a new haircut

We are all attached to our (more or less) long manes, but sometimes the point is reached when broken ends can no longer be "saved" and the only solution, sad as it may be, is a new haircut.

When is this moment reached? If you see that the hair splits and split ends develop, the hair lacks shine or moisture, then it is high time to start working with special repair products. However, if the hair is almost rubbery and already breaking, even the best repair mask can no longer do anything. In such a scenario, it makes more sense to part with broken ends and bring the hair to a medium length or to consider a short hairstyle - especially popular this year, by the way.

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