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Flippy Bob, Gives Us Zest And Coolness In The New Year


Are you looking for a short hairstyle that will get you off to a good start in the new year? Then the flippy bob is perfect for you!

Flippy Bob, Gives Us Zest And Coolness In The New Year
The flippy bob makes us look extra cool in the new year.

Flippy Bob, Gives Us Zest And Coolness In The New Year
We'll tell you how to recreate the trend hairstyle.

The new year has begun and our resolution for 2022 is: Have more courage to change and try things out more – not only when it comes to fashion, but also when it comes to our hairstyles. For convenience or lack of inspiration, people tend to wear their hair the same way or alternate between two familiar looks. That's enough of that! And here comes our first suggestion for a hairstyle with a surprising twist: the flippy bob!

Where did Flippy Bob come from?

The name may not sound familiar to you, but you've probably seen the flippy bob before: Especially in the 2000s, the look with the blow-dried tips was very trendy. Stars like Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, and the Olsen Twins brought the look to the red carpet and now the flippy bob is making a big comeback!

How is the flippy bob styled?

Actually, you don't have to change much in your daily routine for the flippy bob - except the direction. This is how the look works step by step:

  1. Apply mousse to damp hair to add hold and volume
  2. Blow-dry the ends of your hair outwards using a round brush
  3. Finally, fix the look with hairspray for a long hold

If you like, you can also use large curlers instead of the round brush and use them to style the tips outwards. The flippy bob looks best with straight hair that is chin to shoulder length. With curly hair, the look becomes more voluminous, which also flatters the face beautifully.

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