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Lose Weight Easier? This Saves 500 Calories A Day Without Even Realizing It


This is how you can save 500 calories every day - without even realizing it!

Can you get slimmer without stress and lose weight effectively day after day without even realizing it? There are at least six very simple tricks you can use to save at least 500 calories every day without going hungry. It's better than a diet but no less effective.

Lose Weight Easier? This Saves 500 Calories A Day Without Even Realizing It
Lose weight without stress? With these 6 very simple tricks you can save at least 500 calories every day without even realizing it.

Lose Weight Without Stress: 6 Simple Tricks To Save Calories Every Day

1. Swap the dishes

Larger portions automatically land on large and deep plates than on the small, flat ones. So, from now on, stock up again and place the smaller salad plate on the table instead of the extra-large pasta plate and the much smaller breakfast plate instead of the large plate for the main meal. Unusual plate shapes, such as angular or teardrop-shaped plates, have a more aesthetic effect with small portions anyway. Exactly the opposite applies to salads and fruit, here the plates can be large and deep.

2. Drink sparkling water

... one glass directly before and at least two to three glasses during the meal. The carbon dioxide simulates a feeling of satiety, fills the stomach, satisfies the appetite, and means that people eat significantly less and more slowly than usual. If you drink a glass of warm water instead of sparkling water before a meal, you also boost your natural detoxification and metabolism at. Always have a bottle of mineral water to hand, whether in the car, in your handbag, or on your desk.


3. Have a good breakfast

Those who normally eat breakfast should not do without it while on a diet. Otherwise, you can hardly get through the morning without a ravenous hunger attack and rather grab calorie bombs. It is important to have a sensible breakfast and to rely on foods rich in fiber and protein, such as protein omelets or porridge with fruits, in order to keep the blood sugar level in balance and to stay full for a long time. Those who have had a good breakfast find it much easier to just have a salad at lunch.

3. Have a good breakfast | Lose Weight Easier? This Saves 500 Calories A Day Without Even Realizing It
Porridge with fresh berries and spirulina.

4. Chew longer

On average, the body needs around 20 minutes until the signal is sent "full". Whether only salad or grandma’s roast with sauce was eaten in these 20 minutes is irrelevant. Those who take their time while eating and chew extensively not only delay the intake of calories, intensive chewing also stimulates digestion and improves metabolism.

5. Suck the ginger

Ginger is not only full of antioxidants and valuable vitamins, the bitter substances it contains also act as natural appetite suppressants and ensure that you eat less. In addition, due to its spiciness, the exotic root boosts the metabolism, alleviates gastrointestinal problems, and improves fat burning. Suck as pastilles throughout the day or cut the roots into slices to make infused water or a ginger shot. Also available ready-mixed and chilled.

6. Better to shop and cook for yourself

If sweets aren't even within reach, you don't eat them either - it's all a matter of habit. Those who consistently buy fruit and vegetables, freshly prepared meals, and consistently do without ready-made meals save a lot of unnecessary calories. The same applies to ready-made salad and gravies, ice cream, and fruit juices or spritzers. It is better to prepare drinks and ice cream yourself from the fresh fruits, for example as infused water, berry sorbet, or low-calorie ice cream based on reduced-fat yogurt or cream cheese.

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