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Copper Blonde Hair: Adopt The Trendy Color Of The Moment


Do you want to bring warmth and shine to your hair? Go for the copper blonde! This coloring close to Venetian blond is a perfect blend of blonde and red tones for hair with flamboyant reflections!

Red and copper undertones are back in the spotlight! Auburn, mahogany, ash red, or even Venetian blonde hair are absolutely everywhere this year. But one of these colors is even more popular than the others. With spring fast approaching, our hair is adorned with luminous reflections thanks to the copper blonde! This mix of red and blonde tones, close to Venetian blonde, is more trendy than ever.

Copper blonde hair: Adopt the trendy color of the moment

More subtle than red, copper blonde offers a flamboyant yet light effect that instantly warms the complexion and restores shine to the hair. The good news? This coloring is suitable for everyone! Copper blonde is a warm and delicate shade that is flattering for women of all ages and for all hair types. This color is ideal for fair and cold complexions where it will appear natural but women with warmer and darker skin tones can also be tempted by the copper blonde which will then be even more daring.

In addition to being trendy and enhancing the complexion, this coloring is great because it helps cover gray hair, soften facial features and add shine to the hair. Warm and deep, this shade is perfect for putting some sun on the hair! So, ready to go copper blonde? Here are all our tips for the most successful color.

Copper blonde hair: Adopt the trendy color of the moment
Copper blonde hair: Adopt the trendy color of the moment
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How to switch to copper blonde?

It will be easier to go copper blonde if your natural hair color is light. On a blonde or red base, you can simply color the locks to add dimension and depth to the hair. If your hair is red, add just a few babylights to bring light to your hair. Either way, the effect will be very natural!

It is possible to color it at home to bring the copper effect to your hair using a coloring kit. We choose quality products, if possible without ammonia. There are several shades of copper blonde, from particularly subtle light copper blonde to intense copper blonde, much more sustained. If you choose this method, read the directions carefully and perform an allergy test 24 hours before using the product on your hair. Another little tip, be sure to take an extra tube if you have long hair. It would be a shame to end up with only part of your hair colored!

If your hair base is light, you can use vegetable dye or henna. However, it is not possible to lighten your hair with a vegetable dye if your base is brown or chestnut. However, whether your hair is light or dark, we still advise you to make an appointment with the hairdresser. An expert will know how to find the perfect shade of copper blonde to beautify your complexion and your hair. Please feel free to bring a photo of the color you want. You can also show the colorist an image of a copper that you don't like at all. The expert will then know which color to use to suit your skin tone, hair, and tastes. Also, be sure to discuss with your colorist the different methods to achieve copper blonde hair so you won't be disappointed with the results. Note that intense copper blonde will be particularly flamboyant while light copper blonde will be much softer and more subtle. If you like golden shades, then bet on golden copper blonde to illuminate your hair.

If you are brown or chestnut, switching to copper blonde will necessarily require bleaching because the requested shade is much lighter than your natural hair color. For this, we recommend that you do not attempt homemade bleaching to avoid the risk of damaging your hair. Likewise, without fading beforehand, the end result could be very different than expected!

For a smooth transition, hair colors with visible roots are ideal. Balayage or ombre copper blonde hair will give your hair depth and shine without radically changing your look.

How to switch to copper blonde? | Copper blonde hair: Adopt the trendy color of the moment
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How to maintain your copper blonde?

Copper blonde is a reddish shade so it tends to fade more quickly on the hair. It is therefore essential to adapt your beauty routine by using appropriate hair care so that the color does not deteriorate too quickly.

After you come home from the hairdresser in your pretty copper blonde, wait at least 72 hours before washing your hair. For a few days, we also forget the swimming pool, the sea or even the hammam. The hair's protective barrier, called the cuticle, opens during coloring in order to capture the color. It takes at least three days to completely close. Once the cuticle is closed, your pretty copper blonde will be better fixed on your hair and will last much longer.

When washing your hair, opt for treatments specially designed for colored hair. These hair products contain UV protectors which, as their name suggests, protect the hair from the sun but also from the heat. These two factors tend to wash off the coloring. These treatments provide a protective barrier to the hair so that it retains all its shine! The color will thus be much brighter.

Once or twice a week, use a shampoo suitable for your hair followed by a conditioner with the same properties to hydrate and nourish your hair.

When you do a chemical coloring on her hair, it inevitably dries it out and sensitizes it. It is therefore essential to hydrate and nourish your hair deeply. To do this, add a mask at least once a week to your skincare routine after shampooing to strengthen the hair fiber, restore shine to the hair and protect it from external aggressions. Leave on the hair for several minutes before rinsing it with plenty of clean water.

Red is a fragile color. The lighter ones such as Venetian blonde or copper blonde risk turning yellow. Every two to three weeks, complete your beauty routine by applying a patina or a repigmenting treatment to leave on the hair for several minutes after shampooing to accentuate the copper highlights, prevent yellowing of the hair and give it back shine!

The heat can harm your coloring and your hair. So, before using heaters, spray your hair with a heat-protective treatment that retains hydration and protects the hair so that it stays shiny and healthy.

Finally, you can hydrate your hair with a "leave-in" cream, that is to say, a leave-in treatment. This treatment helps to retain water in the hair fiber in order to discipline the hair but also to bring suppleness and definition to the curls. You can also apply a fortifying serum or a few drops of vegetable oil to nourish the hair. We particularly recommend avocado, argan, or sweet almond oil which softens and reveals all the beauty of your colored hair. Your copper blonde promises to make people envious!

How to maintain your copper blonde? | Copper blonde hair: Adopt the trendy color of the moment
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