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Hairstyle Trend: Blunt Bob Is The Perfect Winter Haircut


Are you looking for a no-fuss haircut for fall/winter? The blunt bob is the perfect combination of long and short and is super easy to style.

Hairstyle Trend: Blunt Bob is the perfect winter haircut

Long or short hair? Why decide! Blunt bob is the ideal length.

For the cold days, we sometimes need a little mood lift. How about a spontaneous hair change, for example? A super simple yet stylish cut is the blunt bob. The hair is dull and cut to length and not only looks classy but is also super easy to care for - exactly what we need.

Hairstyle Trend: Blunt Bob is the perfect winter haircut

But what does Blunt Bob actually mean? “Blunt” means “blunt” - and that's exactly what it's all about. In contrast to the Wavy Bob, the hairstyle is cut "blunt" with scissors, razor blades, or hair machine, i.e. without gentle steps. There are no specifications for the length: The blunt bob can go up to the earlobes or just over the shoulders. It is only important that the length is uniform.

Hairstyle Trend: Blunt Bob is the perfect winter haircut

The great thing about the cut? It fits every face shape and every hair type. Because the chic haircut frames the face perfectly and brings out the advantages of every face. Jack Baxter, colorist, and stylist explain that the style is so flattering because the elongated bob mostly sits right over the shoulders, so it's neither too short nor too long. The blunt ends create a modern texture that highlights our eyes and cheekbones. Because of its simple cut, the blunt bob requires minimal maintenance and is extremely versatile.

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