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What Short Haircut Should You Adopt When You Have A Round Face?


With a round face, it can be difficult to achieve a short haircut. Difficult, but not impossible! Here are some ideas and advice from professionals.

What Short Haircut Should You Adopt When You Have A Round Face?

Short cut and round face, this is a duo that can be difficult to master at times. Yet nowhere is it said that these two elements are incompatible. You just have to be extra careful when choosing your new hairstyle and don't be afraid to play with the lengths and create movement. Especially since short haircuts have never been so trendy ... While there are obviously no strict rules when it comes to hair, here are some keys to highlighting your pretty face thanks to the advice of two experts in the hair. hair. As Parisian hairstylist Laurie Zanoletti assures us, "It's all a question of how you cut and how you style. Everything is possible as long as the visagiste opposite knows how to make the face round or round."

How do you adopt the bob when you have a round face?

Is the square cut, or bob cut, to be banned when you are a woman with a round face? Well no. It can even be a very good compromise when it comes to opting for a trendy short haircut. "Round faces are complex, we can't go for cuts that are too short at the risk of it not being feminine," explains Sullivan Brisset, a hairdresser at the Lucie Saint-Clair salon in Bordeaux. What is he advocating? Always clear your face. "We keep the neck long and we put on the length that goes beyond the jaw. If we have shorter hair, it will accentuate the roundness of the face." We can thus choose a plunging, structured, and tapered bob cut, which will highlight the face, as Laurie Zanoletti specifies. According to the professional: "A straight cut is not very flattering." French bob, Bixie bob, Hacked bob, Italian bob ... A multitude of choices are available to you! What if you have curly hair? "In this case, we do not hesitate to keep the length below the jaw, and a nice mass", adds the Bordeaux visage.

How do you adopt the bob when you have a round face? | What Short Haircut Should You Adopt When You Have A Round Face?

Pixie cut for round faces, instructions for use

The boyish cut, or pixie, for a round face can be a real winner. "Everything will depend on who wants to make the cut," said Laurie Zanoletti. While she doesn't recommend it to women with round faces all the time, she concedes that she can "look good on some girls." "It's going to depend on the style too, whether she's eccentric. It's not just the shape of the face that matters, it's also the style of the person."

Same speech from Sullivan Brisset who recommends turning to a boyish cut if you want to assume 100% of your round face. The pixie brings a modern and stylish side to the face, we do not hesitate to adopt it, making sure to listen to the advice of the hairdresser: "We are going for a very short cut on the sides but with length and volume on the on it, it will lengthen the face. A bit like Alessandra Sublet did."

Pixie cut for round faces, instructions for use | What Short Haircut Should You Adopt When You Have A Round Face?

The asymmetrical cut, we say yes?

Is a short asymmetrical hairstyle a good idea when you have a rounded head? If “it’s not very modern,” says Sullivan Brisset, there are tips to showcase the asymmetrical cut brilliantly. "You have to have a look to adopt it: you stick with a boyish cut but with a long section on one side," says the hairdresser. The little extra? "The hair can be placed backward from the ear to add volume and soften the face."


How to wear bangs when you have a round face?

The bangs, which have made a comeback in recent years, can be worn regardless of the morphology of the face. On the other hand, it will be necessary to choose the style carefully in order to soften the features. According to Sullivan Brisset, combining bangs and round heads offers two choices: "Either you assume your round face and wear big bangs a bit like Beth Dito, the singer of Gossip, or you prefer to soften your round face and avoid the bangs. Or we opt for a curtain fringe but very long, that is to say at the level of the mouth. It will soften the features."

You can also add volume to the root level, which will refine the face. "I will bet more on a curtain fringe that falls on the face to break the round side and create cheekbones", adds Laurie Zanolleti. Be careful, however, not to taper the lengths, at the risk of accentuating the round side. What about women who want ultra-trendy short bangs in recent months? In this case, we don't hesitate to wear it light, with a little more mass at the tips.

How to wear bangs when you have a round face? | What Short Haircut Should You Adopt When You Have A Round Face?

Take care of your mane

To take care of your hair on a daily basis, there are a lot of little tips to know. The Parisian hairdresser, for example, recommends alternating between two different shampoos and two different masks so that the hair does not get used to the ingredients in the formulas. The right gesture? Start with a purifying shampoo, then a second with a product suited to the nature of your hair: dry, curly, blond, or colored. We finish the wash with a mask that will nourish the lengths in depth. When drying, don't forget to protect the fiber with a heat-protective spray and finish with a drop of oil on the ends to hydrate them and make them less brittle.

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