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Hairstyle Trend 2023: Kaia Gerber Relies On Red Hair In Spring


Welcome to the redhead club! In spring 2022, Kaia Gerber is also following the red hair hairstyle trend...

The celebrity ladies agree: red hair is the hottest hair color trend of the season. Top model Gigi Hadid started it off and swapped her blonde long hair for a fiery mane. Kendall Jenner, Sydney Sweeney, and Barbie Ferreira followed suit. The latest addition to the redhead club: is Kaia Gerber. The supermodel was spotted sporting a red wavy mane at a pre-Oscar party. We reveal what the tone has to look like in order to be a relevant hairstyle trend in spring 2022.

Hairstyle Trend 2023: Kaia Gerber Relies on Red Hair in Spring
Kaia Gerber is now dipping her brunette mane in trendy red. We reveal what the top model says the tone must look like in spring 2022 in order to be a hairstyle trend – here.

Fiery hair colors: Kaia Gerber makes red hair the hairstyle trend for spring 2022

Brunette, blonde or pink - Kaia Gerber is known for experimenting with the most diverse and unusual hair color trends. It is therefore not surprising that the top model has now joined her celebrity colleagues and is participating in the red hair hairstyle trend. The model proudly presented the new hair color at a pre-Oscar party, where Cindy Crawford's daughter officially showed up alongside her new boyfriend Austin Butler for the first time. The 20-year-old not only beamed with happiness in love but also in the truest sense of the word. Kaia Gerber walked up to the Oscars warm-up party in a colorful sequined skirt and sparkling bra top. She gave even more extravagance to her outfit with red hair, which was particularly luxurious and contemporary. We think Kaia Gerber's shade of red is the perfect hair color trend to bring glamor into everyday life in spring 2022.

Fiery hair colors: Kaia Gerber makes red hair the hairstyle trend for spring 2022 | Hairstyle Trend 2023: Kaia Gerber Relies on Red Hair in Spring
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Red hair: This is how you create the hairstyle trend like Kaia Gerber

For her appearance at the pre-Oscar party, Kaia Gerber opted for a copper-colored shade of red with a subtle hint of orange, and that is what makes this hair color trend so special and fresh. In order to underline the luxurious effect of this hairstyle trend, the hair should have a particularly healthy shine. This glow is best created with an extra glossing treatment after coloring your hair.

This not only gives the hair color a more intense look, but it is also particularly nourishing and provides extra shine like with Kaia Gerber. Well, do you fancy it? This hair color trend is definitely worth a try. After all, this is guaranteed not only to define spring 2022 but to remain popular well into winter.

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