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Our Tips For A Perfect Home Hair Color


Whether your roots are starting to show or you just want a change of color, why not give in to homemade coloring? Follow our advice to make this experience a real success!

How to successfully color your house?

How to successfully color your house? | Our Tips For A Perfect Home Hair Color

Hair coloring: Choose the right color

The first thing to define when you want to color your hair yourself is the color you want.

The colors are classified according to a very precise scale of tones, used by professionals. She distinguishes 10 heights of tones, ranging from the lightest shade to the darkest. To these nuances are added reflections. We can distinguish warm reflections (golden, copper, mahogany, and red) from cold reflections (ashy and iridescent).

To find out what type of shade you can adopt, all you have to do is consult the tables located on the coloring boxes. They tell you in a simple way which colors are best suited to your natural shade.

Should we prefer permanent or temporary coloring?

Temporary color fades between 6 and 8 shampoos and tone-on-tone or semi-permanent color lasts 6 to 8 weeks. Permanent coloring does not go away: you have to wait for the hair to grow back to regain its natural color.

You should know that the first two types of coloring are content to tint the hair. Therefore, they are products that damage the hair fiberless and rarely contain ammonia. However, they only partially cover white hair. For tone-on-tone, for example, the coverage will be a maximum of 90% of the total hair.

Only permanent coloring can both cover 100% of gray hair and darken or lighten the original color, whether natural or artificial. Points to remember when making your choice based on the expected end result.


More natural formula, vegetable coloring... Make the right choice

Faced with the many color references on store shelves, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. Especially since the claims on the products vary according to the characteristics of each.

If vegetable colors are increasingly popular, they sometimes have their limits in relation to consumer expectations. For example, they do not or only slightly cover gray hair and cannot achieve a lighter color than the base one, because they cannot bleach the hair. Some also criticize them for their lack of practicality, because you often have to mix the powders with water beforehand and stir the mixture for a long time without making lumps. The exposure time is also longer than a conventional coloring.

Easier to apply, some resolutely modern hair colors now combine naturalness and performance. They offer formulas that give pride of place to ingredients of natural origin while having the same technology as so-called classic hair colors. Result: more beautiful, shiny, and healthy hair for several weeks, and with the added color result you dream of!

A perfect example combining performance and naturalness? The brand new Natural & Easy range from Schwarzkopf. This permanent color meets the two main expectations of users in terms of coloring: perfect coverage of their gray hair regardless of the shade chosen, as well as a color result that is both natural and long-lasting. Easy to use thanks to the applicator bottle provided in the box, this coloring offers dazzling reflections thanks to its 3 pre-mixed coloring tones. Its vegan formula is composed of 91% to 93% of ingredients of natural origin *, including lavender and Mediterranean olive oil bursting with antioxidants and recognized for its nourishing beauty properties. After the coloring ritual, the application of the care mask, also provided in the box and composed of 97% natural ingredients **, repairs and nourishes the hair in depth. They are softer and brighter.

To push the commitment further, the Natural & Easy range is presented in a 100% recycled aluminum tube, an FSC-certified cardboard box from sustainably managed forests, as well as a recycled and recyclable paper leaflet.

*Depending on the shade and including water.
**Included water.

Are there any precautions to take before home coloring?

Successful hair color

For coloring all over the hair

If this is your first time dyeing your hair, then you don't have any roots. Distribute the product evenly over the lengths and ends, leave on for 10 minutes (the exposure time varies according to the products. Read the instructions carefully). Then apply the coloring mixture to the roots and leave for the time indicated on the instructions. Rinse thoroughly after application.

For localized coloring on the roots

Is your hair already colored and sensitized? Apply the coloring mixture only on the roots and leave to act for 20 minutes (the exposure time varies according to the products. Read the instructions carefully). At the end of the exposure time, distribute the entire product over the lengths and ends. Leave on for another 10 minutes.

When the exposure time is over, lather with a little lukewarm water, mix, add a little lukewarm water again, mix and rinse. Finish with a special shampoo for colored hair.

How to take care of its coloring?

Just because the "dye" step is now behind you doesn't mean you don't have to maintain that pretty hair color you are sporting now. For a superb mermaid mane and a color that lasts longer, opt for adapted treatments with special shampoos and masks for colored hair to fix your color. Finally, to complete your daily beauty routine, you can also bet on hair oil. To be used before shampooing, brushing, or simply finishing, it is ideal for keeping a luminous color.

The faux pas to avoid for a nickel house coloring

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