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5 Little Habits That Will Destroy Your Hair


In everyday life, we do little things with our hair that we should leave as soon as possible because they are super harmful.

5 Little Habits That Will Destroy Your Hair
Watch out for these little habits!

A few things, some of which we do every day, are super bad for our hair. Beware of the following nasty habits.

You are using too much dry shampoo

We love dry shampoos: their revival was definitely one of the best beauty inventions in recent years. It is no longer just used to hide greasy highlights. It also gives hair a nice grippy structure, which is why it has become a great styling aid. The problem: If you use it too often - more than twice a week - dry out the approach. The scalp can react to this with increased sebum production, which makes the hair even greasier. Or they get so dry that they can break off. So it's better to use other styling products or wear your hair naturally.

You comb your hair from roots to ends

For many, it is the most logical thing in the world to place the brush at the base and comb from there towards the tips. That's how we learned after all. As long as you don't have any burdock, that's okay too. But mostly you comb your hair because it's velcro. If you start at the roots, you pull the burdock down and toss your hair even more. Therefore you should hold the hair in the middle and first remove the burrs from the tips. At the very end, you can of course brush the entire hair again - from the roots to the tips.

Our tip: brush with a special wet brush, especially after washing, to avoid damage to the hair. It has softer bristles and reacts flexibly to small knots in the hair.

You use deep cleansing shampoos

It's true that styling residue can settle on hair. But that actually only happens to heavy users of gel, wax, and hairspray. Even if you leave a little product on your hair every day, you don't have to clean it of deposits with an exfoliating shampoo every week. They also remove valuable oils from the hair and dry it out. The effect is then the same as with dry shampoo: Your hair becomes even more greasy and sags even more limp. Instead of treating your hair with deep cleansing shampoos, it is better to use a volumizing shampoo.


You style your hair when it is wet

If your hair is wet, it is particularly vulnerable because the protective cuticle has swelled up from the water. Therefore, you should only comb wet hair very carefully and press it dry, not rub it! But it is even worse to tackle wet or towel-dried hair with a straightening iron or curling iron. The water evaporates in the hair and allows the structure to burst open. Therefore, always blow dry completely and then get started. If the hair still feels cold after blow-drying, there is still moisture.

You sleep with a ponytail

Long hair can be quite annoying when you sleep. That's why you shouldn't tie them in a ponytail at night. The elastic pulls on the hair and in the worst case can lead to hair breakage. The best hairstyle for the night is a loosely twisted bun that is held in place with a soft hair tie.

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