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Baby Bangs - Who Suits The Bangs, How To Style Them?


Baby bangs, micro bangs, micro fringe - the shortest version of the pony hairstyle has many names. It ends close to the hairline and can run accurately in a straight line, in precise asymmetry, or in a loosely slanted position in an undone look.

Baby Bangs - Who Suits The Bangs, How To Style Them?
Model and singer Kacy Hill love baby bangs.

What makes the micro pony special?

Already seen on celebs like Emma Watson, Dua Lipa, and Megan Fox, the micro bangs are a striking eye-catcher for those who like to try something new when it comes to style. It ends about in the middle of the forehead and is therefore really super short and particularly striking. Since the cheeky bangs are so striking, an interesting and self-confident look is automatically created. In addition, the trendy hairstyle emphasizes the cheekbones and puts the focus on the face. Especially in combination with a short bob, a pixie cut, or shoulder-length hair, the short fringe looks super modern. Baby bangs can be cut either fringed or straight and thus accentuate any style.

Who does the micro pony suit?

Baby bangs for an oval face shape

An oval face shape is ideal for pretty much any hairstyle imaginable, as it always looks balanced and symmetrical. Therefore, baby bangs suit everyone who has an oval face. Whether these should be fringed or cut dead straight is solely a question of personal taste. So that the face is not optically stretched, the hair lengths should frame the face as softly as possible. Soft layered cuts are the ideal combination partner for baby bangs.


Baby bangs for a round face shape

Baby bangs are particularly recommended for round faces, as they optically lengthen the face and thus ensure more balanced proportions in the face. It doesn't matter whether it's fringed or cut straight - the casual micro fringe makes the contours of the face appear narrower in any case. This cut is also extremely advantageous for a short forehead area because it causes it to appear slightly longer.

Baby bangs on heart-shaped faces

If you have a rather heart-shaped face with a pointed chin, prominent cheekbones, and a comparatively wide forehead, you should ask your hairdresser for baby bangs that are as full as possible. Because the dense fringes balance out a broad forehead and create an even more harmonious overall impression with an extra cool and trendy finish.

Baby bangs for an oblong face shape

A softly falling hairstyle is good for long faces to appear rounder and more balanced overall. Therefore, the baby bangs here should preferably be cut softly so that the face appears softer. Fuller facial contours are conjured up by micro bangs that are graduated downwards at the sides in combination with long, layered hair that can be styled playfully and wavy.

Baby bangs on square faces

Angular face shapes also benefit from an overall rather soft haircut. Angular baby bangs would therefore appear too harsh here. A lightly cut mini fringe in a slight A-shape, which is stepped at the sides and particularly fine at the top, is better. As a result, the facial contours immediately appear a lot more feminine and softer!

How to care for and style baby bangs?

Baby bangs are a low-maintenance bangs variation overall due to their shortness. Since the micro pony is relatively conspicuous and has a strong influence on the look, it should of course be well cared for and always top styled. When it comes to grooming, a moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, and regular masks are great for giving hair a beautiful shine and keeping the ends healthy. We also recommend using a leave-in conditioner or a nourishing cream, as these also nourish the hair without weighing it down. Nourishing oils, on the other hand, are not suitable for short bangs, as they are often too greasy to be used near the forehead. In order for the bangs to fall optimally, you should use a flat brush and a hairdryer when styling and pamper the hair beforehand with a taming blow-out balm. This prevents flying hairs and makes the fringe nice and smooth. Alternatively, a straightening iron is also suitable for styling baby bangs, especially with wavy hair.

Return of a trend

Return of a trend | Baby Bangs - Who Suits The Bangs, How To Style Them?
Amelie Poulain (Audrey Tautou) in a scene from the 2001 film The Wonderful World of Amelie.

The micro pony was already one of the trend hairstyles par excellence in the 90s and 00s. He probably celebrated his high point with the release of the film “The Fabulous World of Amelie” in 2001 with Audrey Tautou wearing a micro fringe – innocent and cheeky at the same time. Cute and hip. However, the hairstyle had already become a megatrend around 50 years earlier thanks to another Audrey: style icon Audrey Hepburn appeared in productions such as "Roman Holiday" (Eng.: "A heart and a crown", 1953), "Sabrina" (1954) and "Funny Face" with the short forehead and thus triggered a hairstyle hype. However, the ultra-short bangs were already known before: Bettie Page already wore her bangs short and full in the 40s.

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