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Hair Color Trends 2023: This Year Everything Will Be Different!


Which hair color trends will you wear in 2021? We already know the trend nuances!

We know them: The hair color trends 2021

Hair color trends 2021

May we introduce? The hottest hair colors of the year! The new year is all about naturalness. Our natural hair color is back in focus and is optimized by defined highlights. The hairstyle trends in 2021 will look even better. Here are the five big trend hair colors for the new year:


Balayage | Hair color trends 2023: This year everything will be different!
The hair color trend balayage - Photo: IMaxTree

2021 will be the year of naturalness - especially when it comes to trendy hair colors. We say goodbye to blatant changes and prefer to use our natural hair color. Techniques that optimize our natural color are therefore absolutely trendy in the New Year. The balayage is set to become the big hair color trend again in 2021. "The colors are colored very naturally and with soft gradients," explains L’Oréal Paris hair expert Eren Bektas in an interview.


Tweed | Hair color trends 2023: This year everything will be different!
Dyeing Technique Tweed - Photo: Getty Images/Edward Berthelot

In addition to balayage, the very similar dyeing technique tweed will also become better known in 2021. Here, however, the color difference is smaller, so the highlights are softer, more subtle, and more natural. They are hand-painted into the hair by the hairstylists, creating an almost weave effect (hence the name tweed: fabric). A light blonde as a base is combined with fine golden and light highlights, a darker base color with delicate darker highlights that start further up in the hair. The new hair color trend tweed thus fully pays for the naturalness trend.


Cold blond

Cold blond | Hair color trends 2023: This year everything will be different!
There is more: Leonie Hanne with her light blonde tone - Photo: Getty Images

Blondes can look forward to an even cooler blonde in 2021. New hair coloring techniques and hair care products such as Olaplex No 0 allow us to get a little more out of bleaching. "Whether a cool ash blonde, a fiery red, or a warm chocolate brown - it is crucial that the natural nuance is intensified," says La Biosthétique hairstylist Alexander von Trentini in an interview. "Artificial and flashy hair colors that look fake are out". So this trend is all about stepping up the natural blonde. Those who tend towards dark blonde or light brown should keep their hands off the trend color cold blonde and instead focus on gentle highlights.

Golden Brown

Golden Brown | Hair color trends 2023: This year everything will be different!
The Golden Brown hair color trend for Tamara Kalinic - Photo: Getty Images

Brunette beauties can opt for the trend hair color Golden Brown in 2021. Classic brown nuances are mixed with warm, golden highlights. The coloration is intended to lighten the deep brown tones and make them appear lighter. The perfect hair color trend for fall and winter 2020.

Dipped tips

Dipped tips | Hair color trends 2023: This year everything will be different!
The hair color trend: dipped tips - Photo: Getty Images

This weird hair color trend called dipped tips can also be translated as "dipped tips". Behind it are dark-colored hair tips that look like they have been dipped in a paint bucket. We discovered this new dyeing technique at Paris Fashion Week 2020 and fell in love straight away. Trés cool!


Painting | Hair color trends 2023: This year everything will be different!
The Hair Color Trend Painting - Photo: Getty Images

So-called painting, or palm painting, will also be one of the most important hair color trends in 2021. Similar to the balayage, a natural result is also deliberately used here. In the painting technique, the color is gently painted into the hair with a brush. This creates very delicate transitions and highlights that look as if the sun had conjured them up. Very important: let the professional make this trend for you. A good hand and technical know-how are essential for this.

What hair colors are in 2021?

Let's summarize again: The hair color trends in 2021 are entirely under the motto naturalness. The natural nuances are optimized by delicate highlights and juicy transitions. The hair colors golden brown and cold blond are particularly popular.

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