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French Balayage Shadow Conjures Up A Natural Color Gradient


It couldn't be more natural, French Balayage Shadow is the hairstyle trend for spring 2022...

Over 850,000 posts - the shadow root trend is growing in popularity on social media. No wonder, the gentle color transitions look nice and soft, yet well-groomed and elegant. L'Oréal Professionnel is now developing the technique further: With the two-step color service French Balayage Shadow, the result looks even more natural and the hair is less damaged despite coloring. We explain how the pros are doing this spring 2022 hairstyle trend.

French Balayage Shadow Conjures Up A Natural Color Gradient
Beautifully soft: The hairstyle trend French Balayage Shadow ensures particularly natural transitions between different tones (Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2022).

French Balayage Shadow Conjures Up A Natural Color Gradient



Hairstyle trend French Balayage Shadow – this is how the exclusive color service in the salon succeeds in 2 steps

Step 1 of the French Balayage Shadow hairstyle trend: Brightening

First, the innovation "Blond Studio 9 Bonder Inside" is used: This bleaching powder ensures that the hair is lightened. Thanks to a combination of citric acid and a glycerine protection complex, professionals can use it to lighten up to nine pitches without damaging the bridge bonds. In short: The lengths remain healthy and well-groomed despite lightening for the hairstyle trend.

Step 2 for the French Balayage Shadow hairstyle trend: Refinement

This is followed by refinement with two different nuances of the intensive tint "Dia light". It neutralizes unwanted undertones after lightening and adds luminosity. For example, heat can be neutralized. For the French Balayage Shadow hairstyle trend, a darker nuance is used towards the roots and a lighter nuance towards the tips for neutralization. In addition, the tint closes the hair surface again after lightening. In combination with the hairdresser's professional technique, this creates the softly blended shadow effect of the French Balayage shadow technique. Best of all, French Balayage is suitable for every hair type and starting pitch.

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