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Meaning Of My Hair Color: What Does It Say About Me?


How does brown hair look? What does blonde hair radiate? You can find out here which typical properties are attributed to your hair color.

What does my hair color say about me?

Meaning Of My Hair Color: What Does It Say About Me?
Hair colors have a meaning - at least at first glance...

With our hairstyle we can make a statement and underline our personality: do we want a cheeky short hairstyle or rather a wild mane? Whether long or short: In addition to the hairstyle, we can also send a message with our hair color and show off our assets.

But what does your hair color mean? And does hair color even matter?

What does my hair color say about me?

In addition to the changing hair color trends, the country in which you live also plays a major role in the choice of hair color. In countries where the majority of women have dark hair (e.g. Spain or Italy), blondes stand out. In countries with a lot of blondes (e.g. Sweden), you are less noticeable with light hair. In addition, the hair color is also a matter of taste: some are attracted to blondes, others prefer very dark hair, while others prefer black or redheads.

Social psychologist Reinhold Bergler explains: "People with red hair are often described as self-confident, cheeky and sexy, but at the same time they are also described as particularly sensitive. Very dark-haired women are perceived as vivacious, while brunettes are perceived as gentle.” And blondes? “The well-known stereotype that they are gullible and very self-confident still prevails. However, they are also considered to be very goal-oriented, feminine, modern - and particularly romantic."

Hair psychology: what your hair can reveal about you?

And what about dyed hair? Nowadays there are always new hair trends to try out. The color should also match the eyes, skin, and face shape, otherwise, you won't feel like 'yourself' after a visit to the hairdresser. Exceptions are colored hair, which can be used to consciously say: “Look here!”. Incidentally, experts recommend simpler clothing for bright hair colors so that the eye-catcher unfolds its effect.

psychologist dr Ronald Henss from Saarland University is of the opinion that "Nothing is as informative as hair". According to Henss, hair gives an idea of ​​our rough age (the dreaded gray hair), reveals our gender at first glance (to this day mostly women wear their hair long), and often reflects our state of health (e.g. hair loss). In addition, hair often stands for cultural origin (e.g. dread locks) or social status (unkempt and matted vs. elegant updo). Nevertheless, Henss warns against overinterpretation: "There are rough rules, but no simple laws according to which a person can be broken down based on their hair."

Hair color meaning: what are the typical stereotypes?

Conclusion: Every hair color is associated with prejudices and clichés that we can consciously play with when we visit a hairdresser. But every person has their own character, regardless of whether they have blonde and straight purple hair or the ombré look. Therefore, no one should be judged solely on their appearance and in no case be judged in advance.

Nevertheless, here are the typical hair color clichés at a glance:


+ sensual, seductive, erotic, believable, that's why many news anchors are blonde, like Tagesschau anchor Judith Rakers

- childlike, naive


+ patient, down-to-earth, stress-resistant, like multi-talented Jennifer Lopez

- invisible, average


+ seductive, passionately mysterious, like actress Nicole Kidman

- sensitive, proud


+ mysterious, spirited, powerful, like singer Nicole Scherzinger

- inconspicuous, emotional

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