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Cowash, The Method That Invigorates The Hair


Cowash or no poo is a method that consists of washing your hair gently with a conditioner to reveal all the beauty of the hair. Here are all the tips to find healthy hair!

Cowash, all you need to know about the method that invigorates the hair

Cowash, all you need to know about the method that invigorates the hair | Cowash, the method that invigorates the hair

How about ditching shampoo for the conditioner to wash your hair? This method called "cowash", a contraction of the English "conditioner wash" - or washing your hair with conditioner, can be scary. And yet, it is a very good alternative to find beautiful healthy hair, radiant with beauty. Also called "no poo", an again English contraction of "No shampoo" for "no shampoo", this technique involves only washing the hair gently with conditioner or washing cream. Less attacked, the hair is simply reboosted from roots to ends. In addition, cowash saves time and money. So all you have to do is let yourself be tempted by the experience!

Why test cowash?

Cowash or no poo is a hair washing method that gently cleanses and therefore does not dry out the scalp. This technique acts as a real hair detox because it cleans the hair while retaining the natural oil it produces, sebum, which keeps the hair moisturized and protects the scalp. The cowash preserves the hair fiber, which makes the hair softer, softer, smoother, and easier to tame when styling. This method reduces knots and frizz. Thus, the cowash will allow you to use fewer styling products, which are often aggressive on the scalp and lengths.

Cowash for all hair types?

Cowash is particularly beneficial for dry, frizzy, frizzy, curly, or wavy hair because this method will allow them to regain natural hydration. Dry hair is indeed hair that lacks water and is particularly weakened by external aggressions, but also by styling products. The hair lacks shine, has frizz, and is difficult to style. It is therefore urgent to restore hydration, the hair fiber, and pamper your hair gently.

Those with colored hair will also appreciate the no poo technique. Not only will the conditioner preserve the color pigments more than traditional shampoo. But in addition, as colorings tend to weaken the hair and make it drier, the no poo technique is, therefore, a good idea to invigorate it.

Cowash is also best for blonde, gray, or white hair, whether natural or colored. Thanks to this no poo method, which is much gentler than using a conventional shampoo, they will have less tendency to turn yellow.

For those who have a type of fine or straight hair, it is possible to proceed with cowash but using very light products so as not to weigh down the hair.

On the other hand, those who have an oily scalp or who suffer from dermatitis should avoid resorting to this method, since cowash cannot treat both of these problems. It could even make them worse by overloading the scalp and causing itchiness.

Which conditioner should I choose for my hair type?

If you have thick hair, you can continue to use your regular conditioner. However, we recommend that you avoid products containing silicones. They certainly sheath the hair, making it softer and silky, but this is only an illusion because, in reality, they weaken the hair and prevent it from breathing. The hair then becomes dry and brittle. And that is obviously the opposite of the desired effect! Silicones are easy to spot in your hair care products because they end in -thicthicone, -thiconol, -siloxane, or -silane in the list of components of hair products (inci list).

If your hair is rather thin, it is best to use a treatment specially designed for cowash. These products contain more cleansing agents than conventional conditioners, usually in the form of natural ingredients like aloe vera. These cleansing creams then cleanse as well as a shampoo but are much less aggressive.


How to do the cowash well?

Cowash is ideal for regaining healthy hair, but for this, the method must be executed well!

Before proceeding with the cowash, we choose treatments adapted to our hair needs. Then, detangle your hair well, starting with the ends. This will allow hair products and hair care products to be applied more evenly throughout the hair and will maximize their effect for the best results.

Once in the shower, it is important that all of the hair is soaked in water, as this helps to loosen impurities, but also to better distribute the conditioner strand by strand. A sufficient amount of care is then applied. The product should cover the entire hair from roots to ends. We must not forget that we do not just nourish the hair with care, we also wash. However, care is taken not to saturate the hair with conditioner in order to avoid the greasy effect. We, therefore, opt for the happy medium!

Don't forget to massage your scalp well with the product to remove all impurities. Good hair growth starts with a clean, healthy scalp! The treatment is then left on for about 5 minutes. If your hair is very dry or damaged, you can leave the conditioner on for a little longer so that it acts as a mask and deeply nourishes the hair. For better absorption of the product, you can wrap the hair in a towel.

Now is the time to rinse the hair. This is a crucial step, rinse thoroughly for several minutes to remove all residue. All you have to do is dry your hair and do your usual hairstyle.

To let the scalp breathe, you don't wash your hair every day. You can alternate the cowash method to space the shampoos. We then start with a no poo treatment for 1 to 2 months and gradually reintegrate the shampoo into your beauty routine. In this case, we choose an ultra-soft formula based on nourishing ingredients such as oats.

If you prefer to stick with cowash, still use a clarifying shampoo once every four weeks to get rid of all the residue that prevents the hair from breathing, growing, and showing all its beauty.

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