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Combination Hair: 7 Common Mistakes That Prevent Us From Having Beautiful Hair


Often confused with oily hair, combination hair is not cared for in the same way. Here are the most common mistakes that install this problem of dry ends and oily roots.

Combination Hair: 7 Common Mistakes That Prevent Us From Having Beautiful Hair

Roots that get greasy quickly, dull lengths without tone, dry and damaged ends: all the signs are there, you have combination hair. In short, you have the misfortune to combine two hair problems with opposite needs. Your scalp secretes too much sebum but your lengths are dry and in search of nutrition.

Generally confused with a problem of oily hair because people with combination hair focus on their excess sebum and forget their sensitized ends, this type of hair is all the more complicated to treat as care and rituals for oily hair do not help them. not suitable precisely because of their fragile lengths. Their care routine must oscillate between purifying and nourishing care, and this, by adopting a targeted application. Here are the most common mistakes in the routine when you have combination hair, those that prevent us from getting rid of oily roots and dry ends.

Thinking you have oily hair

This is certainly the worst mistake of all since it leads us to make others with serious consequences for the lengths. When we think we have oily hair, we sometimes abuse shampoos and purifying treatments thinking we are doing the right thing, but this type of product will strip our locks and further weaken the already dried-out lengths. Stop scrapping!

Washing your hair too often

Because of the greasy appearance at the roots, we often have the bad reflex of washing our hair daily. However, this is the worst thing to do with combination hair because repeated shampoos tend to attack the skin of the skull which reacts by producing more and more sebum to protect itself, and to make our ends even drier and split ends… Try to space out your shampoos, and if you can't help washing your hair every day, do it only with a mild shampoo suitable for daily use and not with a shampoo for greasy hair that is too stripping.

Rely solely on the dryness of the lengths to choose your care

Even if your strands need to be pampered, do not think of solving your hair problem by opting for shampoos and masks for dry and damaged hair because these will be far too nourishing for your oily scalp. While a nourishing and repairing mask is a good option for your lengths, you can't adopt a dry hair routine for the whole hair.


Thinking that the mask is only for lengths

Certainly, your lengths need extra care and hair masks are perfect for that. But your oily roots can also afford the benefits of a hair mask. This time, it is for a purifying mask for the scalp to be carried out before the shampoo that it is necessary to opt in order to eliminate excess sebum.

Not trimming ends regularly

The maintenance of the ends is most important on dry and damaged hair as well as on combination hair whose ultra sensitized ends quickly become split. Regularly eliminating the driest part of your hair will not only allow you to have more beautiful hair but also to take care of the length that you have left more easily because you will no longer have to opt for ultra-rich products specially designed for damaged hair but only for classic nourishing care. Something to start finding a balance!

Apply your hair care from roots to ends

By nature, your combination hair does not have the same needs at the roots and at the ends, so you should not apply a treatment adapted to the roots on the lengths and vice versa. It is, therefore, best to design your hair routine in two stages, taking care of your oily roots on the one hand and your lengths on the other, so as not to accentuate either problem.

Relying on hair care to treat the problem

Stress, fatigue, poor diet, poorly adapted hair care routine, the causes of mixed hair are so diverse and varied that hair care is not always the best response in the long term. The best is still to review your lifestyle to rebalance your scalp permanently.

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