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Quick And Easy Hairstyle: Our Ideas For Busy Mornings


Do you only have a few minutes to do your hair in the morning? Do not panic, it is quite possible to achieve a barrel styling in a short time. Discover our hairstyle ideas easy and quick to achieve, to style your hair quickly and well in the morning.

Our quick and easy hairstyle ideas for busy mornings

Our quick and easy hairstyle ideas for busy mornings | Quick And Easy Hairstyle: Our Ideas For Busy Mornings

Tired of making yourself a simple ponytail in a hurry when you don't have time to take care of your hair in the morning? Rest assured, this is far from the only quick hairstyle to finish off your look when you only have a few minutes in front of you to style your hair. We reveal a selection of beautiful hairstyles, simple and quick to do, with a bonus for each idea, a tutorial to learn how to achieve it step by step.

A twisted braid

A twisted braid | Quick And Easy Hairstyle: Our Ideas For Busy Mornings

Everyone knows that braiding your hair can take a long time. And this is, even more, the case when you fall for a trendy and complicated braid like a herringbone braid or African braid. Never mind, no need to give up your braid desires, the twist braid is ideal for express styling. Formed with two twists of hair (a bit like twists or vanilla on frizzy and afro hair), it is indeed much easier to do than it seems at first glance, and it even stands out as one of the fastest braids to achieve.


A hair bun

A hair bun | Quick And Easy Hairstyle: Our Ideas For Busy Mornings

Can display an ultra-chic allure as a more casual style, the bun is a high bun perched on the head that is ideal for clearing the neck when the weather is hot. Less classic than the ballerina bun, it is also less strict and can be worn easily with all types of hair, including curls. Another asset if you have bangs or strands, with this hairstyle it is possible to leave it loose to give an even more unique style to your bun.


A subtle wavy effect with a styling product

A subtle wavy effect with a styling product | Quick And Easy Hairstyle: Our Ideas For Busy Mornings

Who said that drawing pretty wavy waves in your hair takes time? Let's put an end to this misconception: you don't always have to resort to a heating device and use it for an hour to sport a beach return effect in your hair. Certain styling products, such as saltwater sprays or styling creams, can be extremely effective in imparting movement to lengths very quickly and creating a messy, wavy look. While your "waves" will be less pronounced and even than with a curling iron, the result will be just as charming. I promise, with this kind of styling product, it's easy to get a wavy effect!

The ideal product? Bumble and Bumble Surf Styling Leave-In styling cream that easily creates wavy waves, while nourishing the hair fiber and protecting it from the drying effects of the sun.



A bubble braid

A bubble braid | Quick And Easy Hairstyle: Our Ideas For Busy Mornings

Inspired by an ancestral hairstyle worn in Congo and Nigeria which preserves the hydration of frizzy hair and softens it because it is subject to shrinkage, maki maki, which are now called bubble braid or bubble braid, consist in creating kinds of small “bubbles” of hair along their entire length. Originally, this hairstyle was made with wire wrapped around the strands, but it has become popular on all hair types thanks to accessories that are super easy to put on: elastics! Very trendy for several months now, this tie halfway between ponytail and braid is everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram: why not on your head? It also only takes a few minutes to achieve despite its very fashionable style.


A knot cord bun

A knot cord bun | Quick And Easy Hairstyle: Our Ideas For Busy Mornings
Instagram: @emmachenartistry

A pretty romantic bun, the knot cord tie is a star hairstyle on Pinterest and Instagram. And for good reason, she is lovely in addition to being super easy to achieve when you don't have a lot of time to style your hair. But since it looks very worked, it is also the queen of quick hairstyles to achieve for a wedding or a baptism. Moreover, on the occasion of a wedding or a large event, it can easily be combined with a flower crown type accessory to be even more festive and romantic.


Half a tie with a crab claw

Half a tie with a crab claw | Quick And Easy Hairstyle: Our Ideas For Busy Mornings

This is one of the quickest hairstyles to achieve in the morning, regardless of the type of hair you have (frizzy, straight, natural hair slightly wavy ...). With it, the loose hair gains in allure and is easier to live with during the day because it clears the eyes. Showcasing a well-known bathroom accessory that has recently come back to the fore - we named the crab claw - this type of half tie manages to discipline lengths with style in less time than 'it does not take to say it. This express hairstyle also has the advantage of giving pride of place to natural hair, particularly emphasizing its texture, whether it is ultra-straight, curly, or even frizzy since it combines attachment and lengths left loose. Another advantage: it is also perfect for bob-cut hair.


How to make a hairstyle simple and fast? Our tips

We fall for all these ideas, to personalize as you wish with accessories or hair jewelry. And you, which of these quick and easy hairstyles do you fall for?

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