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The Side Parting - That'S Why We Stay True To It Despite Tiktok


Hardly any other hairstyle has been so little valued lately as the beloved side parting. Find out here which parting fits which face shape and why it is now up-to-date again.

Last year, Generation Z railed against millennials, making fun of skinny jeans and "90s kids" nostalgia on TikTok. Even the beloved side parting had to lose a real bashing.

Gen Z's approach to parting your hair feels like an attack for a number of reasons, but let's start with the basics: It goes against history to celebrate individuality, play to your strengths, or just to do things change because personal style is fluid. "It's ridiculous," says hairstylist Naeemah LaFond. "If you want center partings to be on-trend, just say so. Everyone should part their hair where it feels best for them. There's no one look that everyone likes."

The side parting - that's why we stay true to it despite TikTok
A striking variation of the side parting on Miu Miu spring 2021.

Still, there are some basic parting tricks and techniques to keep in mind as your hair and taste evolve over time. From taking into account the shape of your face to adapting it to your hair structure and length, here is the guide from the pros on how to style your parting the way you like it best.

Emphasize your face

"The way you part your hair helps accentuate facial features," explains hairdresser Anh Co Tran, co-owner of the Ramirez | Tran salons in L.A.

Emphasize your face | The side parting - that's why we stay true to it despite TikTok
The wet look side parting at Versace spring 2021.

For example, a deep side parting can flatter round faces, while a center parting can accentuate the cheekbones on heart-shaped faces. Where you want to focus and how many definitions you can always change. "Different parting can really add or soften different facial features," says hairstylist Gregory Russell, the master behind Anya Taylor Joy's dramatic deep side parting à la Veronica Lake at the Golden Globes. The way LaFond sees it, the way you wear your parting resembles the contour of your face. "Adding lines and shadows changes the symmetry and balance in your face," explains LaFond. “Just like contouring works in makeup, parting and length do the same thing when it comes to hair. You can use parting to allow your hair to shade and contour your face in a way that suits you most flatters. "

The options are endless

"When people have straight hair, a look tossed to one side can really help hold in volume," explains Russell. "People with very curly hair might prefer to have a side part, as a middle part could let the hair fall too much into the face," LaFond emphasizes that depending on the thickness and texture of the hair, a new part can be just as effective as a new haircut. "Because the texture is naturally bulky, changing the parting also creates or removes a significant amount of height," explains LaFond. "Simply switching from a center part to a side part can look like you've got a new haircut. The possibilities are endless."

The options are endless | The side parting - that's why we stay true to it despite TikTok
With a side parting, you can freshen up the volume in your hair quickly and easily. As seen at Balmain Spring 2021...

Take into account your hair length

"If you don't want to commit to a particular parting and you like to switch it up depending on your hairstyle, keep in mind that the shorter your hair, the more impressive your parting," says LaFond, adding that the length of the hair adapts to the Sides changes when you flip the parting over. For Russell, the way he parts his solid, waist-length hair is a matter of practicality. "I generally like a middle part because it doesn't fall in my face," he explains. "I can just tuck it behind my ears or wear it open."

Take into account your hair length | The side parting - that's why we stay true to it despite TikTok
A deep side parting makes a particularly good impression on short hair. Seen at: Chanel Spring 2021...

Take into account your hair length | The side parting - that's why we stay true to it despite TikTok
A short bob in combination with a deep side parting at Jil Sander Fall 2021.


Work precisely

"When you do a parting, make sure you part the hair consistently from front to back to give the hair balance," says Tran. To do this neatly, a fine comb can help to get a precise line from the forehead to the top of the head, the highest point on the scalp.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

"Who can say what makes a woman look more beautiful?" Asks LaFond. "It really depends on how she feels." For LaFond, parting hair is less about symmetry and face shapes, but more about personal wellbeing and the way you see yourself. "Personally, I wear my part depending on what makes my hair look bigger because that's when I feel most beautiful," she explains. "When I work with a model on set, I always ask her where she likes to part her hair because I know that when I part it where she feels most comfortable, there is room for her to be the most confident self be."

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